Saturday, 1 January 2011

Saturday 1st January 2011

Funny old game.

Quiet night in last night, it's surprising how many people feel the need to post on Farcebook at times like this.

I'm as bad as anyone, but at least I was at home whilst I was doing it.
I suppose, though, that you have plenty of time on New Year's Eve to post on Farcebook or Twatter or the other ones as you have to spend so freaking long waiting for a drink.
Also, it is probably the only way to communicate with each other, as no bastard can hear you, even if you put your mouth right next to their ear and scream.

I don't go out very often, not because I an a miserable twat (I can be that at home) but I went into Rotherham the other night.

If you combine the facts that it was cold, everywhere was crowded, everywhere was loud, you had to go outside to smoke and then queue to get back in again (in the cold) and I don't drink anymore, it reminded me why I dont go out very much.

Funny watching all these fuckers getting more and more drunk as the evening passes. Watching a bloke fall down a very small step, lose what little balance he had and almost rip the dresses of three women as he falls, in slow motion, whilst spraying the lager he mustn't let go of over everyone in a 20' radius.

So anyway, went to M&S and bought a load of 'Party Food' yesterday afternoon.
Bought waaaaaaay too much, but cooked it all anyway and proceeded to try to finish it all off before I went to bed this morning.
Jools Holland was pretty good, shame the hands didn't fall off the clock in the ten seconds leading up to the new decade, but you can't have everything.

Had to have three shits last night, in my quest to eat more than the Romans used to.
I draw the line at self-induced vomiting, that's just sick, and I don't mean that in a good way, like the yoof of today would.
Got some left in the fridge though, that'll probably stay there until it tries to get out under it's own steam.

Just had a thought.
Well I didn't actually have the thought myself, someone else had it and I read it, but it was to do with the whole Christmas/Easter thing in Tesco so I think the person who wrote it nicked my idea (only joking).

The very fact that Tesco have decided to celebrate the crucifixion of Jesus before the poor little blighter has even been weaned is a tad insensitive isn't it?

Blasphemous even?
Ah well, if it means we can eat more chocolate, who really cares?

Got some bets on today and I'm feeling lucky.
I'll let you know later if I'm rich, or of I have just wasted a shit load of money.............


Fuck Plymouth fucking Argyle and fuck Charlton fucking Athletic.


This is one of my bets today, complete with results:

Brighton v Leyton Orient ~ home win: Brighton win
Brentford v Dagenham & Redbridge ~ home win: Brentford win
Carlisle v Huddersfield ~ draw: Draw
Hartlepool v Oldham ~ home win: Hartlepool win
MK Dons v Bristol Rovers ~ home win: MK Dons win
Rochdale v Tranmere Rovers ~ home win: Rochdale win
Southampton v Exeter ~ home win: Southampton win
Swindon v Bournemouth ~ away win: Bournemouth win
Walsall v Notts County ~ away win: Notts County win

Plymouth v Yeovil ~ home win: Draw
Colchester v Carlton ~ away win: Draw

If the last two had done the business, I would now be £5675.46 richer.


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