Monday, 24 January 2011

Monday 24th January 2011

I've changed the layout of the blog. I don't know if you noticed, but the background is a different shade and the font is a different style. I quite like it, but I can't tell if it makes it more difficult to read.
Let me know your thoughts and I will change it back, if common consensus dictates.

I was in a branch of a well known chain of coffee houses owned by Whitbread the other day (Costa, if you don't know and really want to) and was queueing up to order my vanilla cappuccino with an extra shot when the woman in front of me ordered the most bizarre drink I have heard being asked for.
I quite often drink espresso, and when in Costa or Starbucks or any of the other coffee places, will always have a double. This woman ordered a double espresso too, but she wanted a double espresso made with de-caff coffee.
A de-caff espresso!!!
If you are sitting there wondering why this is so bizarre, then I really can't be arsed to explain, but just believe me, it is.

I am running the risk of confusing myself, big time.
Yesterday I posted the blog and then a bit later I thought of some more stuff.
So I wrote another one, but posted it today as Sunday's blog and here I am today writing a post, which will be going out on Monday, which is tomorrow. Even more confusing is the fact that I am writing this in real time, today (Sunday) but if you read it on the day I post it you will be reading it today (Monday) which is really tomorrow as today is yesterday.
So the big question is, should I carry on writing this and post it tomorrow, and that would probably mean I write Tuesday's on Monday, do I finish writing and then just leave it as an 'emergency' post for days when I can't think of anything to write, or do I post it today as a bonus blog, and write a new one tomorrow?
I think there is only one answer, as I have written all that shit, if I don't post it tomorrow it will just confuse people cause they won't really know what I am talking about. I'll just leave it I think. I could post it tomorrow, not write one tomorrow (which will then be today) and have the day off.

Took the dog to St John's Wood today, just for a bit of a change. She decided to find the fattest stick going and carried around with her for the entire walk, except for when she was demanding that I throw it for her. Then a Golden Retriever came over and tried to nick it off her. It was like a doggy tug-of-war, Jessie growling and the Retriever yanking. Jess bit my thumb, not intentionally but it hurt all the same. Then the Retriever's mate came along, distracted Jess and the other one ran off with the stick. A doggy mugging, you could say.

I have just ordered some pure crystal capsaicin extract.This stuff is not to be fucked with.
I haven't ordered it to use it, it is one of those things that simply has to be ordered just to be able to say "I have some of that!" If you can remember me talking about 'Blairs Mega Death', a sauce that scares me at 800,000 scovilles, this pure crystal capsaicin extract has a heat rating of around 16,000,000 scovilles. If you watch the video on then you will see why you shouldn't fuck with this stuff, so I don't really know what I am going to do with it. I have a feeling I am going to have to try it, but as I don't drink anymore I can't do the whole vodka thing. Or can I, as technically I am not drinking the vodka, I am using it as a cooking aid.
Hmmm, we will have to see what happens when it turns up. It may call out my name so loudly that I just have to open it.............


  1. While your new background is indeed nice, it does make the eyes go a bit strange. As you are only continuing with your blog to the end of this month, then I see no reason for you to change it back. It is however a little depressing to look at, so maybe you should change it back to something a bit more britghter and a little up beat. The writing is still as good and as interesting as ever and I do feel that you should continue with this blog as even if no one else finds it interesting I do. ( I do in fact have a petition going to save Steve's blog) 1 name and counting so far.

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    Two things; (1) I (Seaton Carew) will still be writing this blog after the end of January. It will be posted as a stand alone blog and it will be posted on my Farcebook page. birbee will also be posting it on his Twatter page. Steve will not be posting on his Farcebook as he is a lazy twat and has made it very clear that he can't be arsed, the lazy prick.
    (2) this is not Steve's blog, it is mine. He would be incapable of writing stuff like this as he is a boring twat who needs to get out more.

    Hope this clears things up.

  3. ps. I'll look at changing the background.
    Personally I thought it was quite abstract (or something).............

  4. it's OK if you like Primark ties.

  5. I happen to like Primark ties.
    They are functional, they hang round your neck and you tie a knot in them.
    If you work somewhere where there is a chance of them getting ruined it doesn't matter as you can simply throw them away and buy a new one as they are so cheap.

    As long as you don't think of the little Chinese children who have to make 2700 of them to earn a grain of rice then you won't feel guilty about exploitation.

    And anyway, Asda have some pretty rank ties too.............