Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Tuesday 4th December 2011

I get loads of charity bags through the door, probably about three a week on average, all of them asking me to donate clothes to starving children or wasp bite victims or Robin Reliant drivers or something.

If I had that many clothes that I didn't want, I would be able to rival Sir Phillip Green and open 'Seaton Carew Stores', or 'SCS'.

Well I wouldn't want the charities to think I was wasting the bags, and it didn't feel right to just throw them away, so I have compromised.
I now use them instead of bin bags and put them in my kitchen bin.
This way I can throw them out with a clear conscience, knowing that if the charity see them they will know that they are being used, if not in the way they really wanted, and not just wasted.

Unfortunately tonight, as I was emptying the bin, the bottom of the bag split and the contents of the bag were deposited over the kitchen floor.
Bastard charities, I am thinking of lodging a complaint to them for supplying sub-standard bags.

I bought a new set of cutlery yesterday, stainless steel and plain silver in colour. I didn't mention it in yesterday's post as I thought it wasn't that interesting.
I put them in the cutlery drawer and removed all the old stuff that had black handles, leaving the old knives, forks and spoons that I already owned and were just plain silver.

Today Liz noticed that I had put the new ones in the drawer and also noticed that the old ones were in there too.
"How will I tell them apart?" she asked.
"They look different" was the obvious reply, not that it matters really, they all do the same job.

Well of course they don't really, the knives don't do the same thing as the forks and the forks the spoons etc, but you get my drift.
That is, unless you have a Spork, of course.
I had a friend who had a Spork once. One just like the one in the picture.
As you will see, it has a serated edge to one side of the fork bit designed, I suppose, to save having to take a knife, fork AND spoon whilst out camping and such.
What the designers didn't think of, however, and what my friend soon discovered, was that if you use such intensiles when drunk you end up with half a 'Joker' smile.
Not a particularly good look.

Bastards, the fucking furniture company have got there first haven't they?

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