Saturday, 19 November 2011


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Friday, 18 November 2011


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Zippo, a set on Flickr.

Thursday 17th November 2011

OK, I know that I am writing this on Friday, but it is a Thursday blog. I am just a little too late.

I was working from home today, something I have been doing for a few days as work is a bit short at the moment, but hey, you have to live with it.
I have two monitors in my 'home office', may sound pretentious but it is handy and one of them is integral to my laptop, so it's like on monitor and the built in one really.

Anyhoo, my 'non-laptop' monitor went blank earlier on. The laptop one stayed on which could only mean one thing. Power cut.
Now, I am on an electricity meter. Reasons for this are not secret, and I will tell you if you really want to know just email me on and all will become apparent, so I just thought that the leccy had run out. So I went and bought £20 of leccy and fed the meter.
But when I got in the house the monitor was still not working so I investigated and lo and beholf a fuse had tripped. So I re-set the trip switch and went about my business.

Ten minutes later and it happened again. I reset it and it tripped. Reset and trip.
So I investigated and eventually found out that it was on one of the Ring Main circuit.

But which one?

I eventually narrowed it down to the kitchen and, by the powers of deduction, I realised it was either the fridge or the freezer. Now the fridge aint that great, it needs replacing and it leaks a bit due to the drain thing at the back. So I presumed that the drain thing at the back was causing a short and tripping the power to the rest of the house.

So what did I do? Being the total fuckwit that I am, I thought about all the food in the fridge and went out and bought another one. £130 it cost, but hey I saved £40 worth of food, eh?

Got it home, left it for two hours, plugged it in, left it for two hours and then started to transfer the food from the fucked fridge to the new one.

Whilst I was doing this I realised that the old fridge was still making noises.
At this point, I feel that I must explain that we have integral (built in) appliances, therefore the plugs are not traceable back to the appliance easily.

To cut a long story short, I have bought a new fridge, set it up, taken out the old one and transferred all the food only to find out that all the food in the freezer is slowly thawing.

Fuckmecoldly, I even stopped going in the fridge all afternoon to try and keep the cold in, and ate stuff out of the freezer instead.

Gonna find a new freezer tomorrow.............

Wednesday, 16 November 2011