Friday, 2 December 2011

I am a teenage schizoid, The one your parents despise
Psycho Therapy, Now I got glowing eyes

Funny things, t'interweb forums, many strange people on there. You do get some good ones too, but sometimes, and just sometimes mind you, the strange ones are really really fucking strange.

I go on this one particular site, I'll not name it, and in the stuff that follows it has been changed to www.!"£$%^, but on this particular site is a man who thinks he is the new messiah.

Not that he has ever said that, of course, but if you can be arsed to read the ramblings below then you can make your own mind up.

By the way (or btw if you're a trendy yoofful fuck) the bollocks below is a 'discussion' between a normal sane person and a bit of a loon. I have called one of the **** **** and the other *** *** ***. No particular reason for the number of *s, only to distinguish them.

Here's a bit of background: *** *** *** once posted a photograph that was obviously (to some, myslef included) "photoshopped" (other post processing software is available and it may have been one of these he used). Nothing wrong with that, if it is your thang, but *** *** *** flatly denied it, to the point where he became quite hysterically indignantly livid.

Now he has posted a photo that, whilst a reasonably good idea, is neither original, creative or even very well taken. Some have pointed this out to him, myself included, but he has once again thrown his toys out of the pram.

Please see below for the "discussion".

Submitted by **** ****
Date Thu, 01/12/2011 - 10:24
Comment Not one of your better images. I think we've all come to expect greater things from you.

Submitted by *** *** ***
Date Thu, 01/12/2011 - 16:06
Comment FAO: **** **** (name spelled incorrectly). Thank you. I will accept that as a compliment.

Submitted by **** ****
Date Thu, 01/12/2011 - 21:53
Comment *** I have in the past fallen out with you on a matter of very little importance, (as I see it). I have never said that I didn't like your images, I have only said that I believed one of them was manipulated. I still stand by that. You chose to turn it personal and made an attack on me. I have suggested that you are not as well known as you make out. I still stand by that. I have inferred that you may be a bit of an @rsehole and I stand by that. But in all this time I have at least had the common decency to spell your name correctly. My comment was meant as a compliment, a sort of olive branch if you will, but you have chosen to reject it. This photo is neither creative or original. It could be turned up the right way and made into B&W and it would look like a 1970s news picture from Vietnam. I am not going to fall at your feet and say what a great picture this is, it isn't. You can do better.

Submitted by *** *** ***
Date Fri, 02/12/2011 - 02:51
Comment **** **** (name spelled incorrectly): All I said in response was "**** ****. Thank you. I will accept that as a compliment" and now you have taken off vertically. This must be your past time. You must live by the tongue in real life ( a miserable one, I think) Firstly, you should look at your own gallery and images and be the judge yourself. What does your personal profile image say..does it not tell a story??Secondly, you dont have to suggest or prove that I am a bit of an @rsehoole, as you have many a time proven to members on this site and globally that YOU are indeed one. Thirdly, you must prove beyond doubt that my image ( state the exact image or images) has been manipulated or suggest it is. Substantiate it. I challenge you to prove this. You are the self proclaimed authority here, you are bold, you are saying it with so much of convictions, so it would not be difficult. It's very simple, give me the name of your lawyer, state your stand in black and white, publish it in the open, and let's "wager" on it. Don't back out of this. I had enough of this and its time to weed out some from this site. I am serious ****, here's your chance of proving yourself right ( not prove me wrong).What's your call?. Be a man. I will prove to YOU in court, how little you are. Maybe then, only you would know your weakness. I have never been to England, and I really have great friends there, and this is going to be a fine holiday. The Shangri-la Hotel at the Shard, London one of the tallest buildings in Europe opens in 2013 or earlier.I can by invitation make my way there. You will see me there ( Dont believe me!).
Don't reply, nothing personal but lets just get down to business.I can furnish you with all details, through my lawyer within 72 hours. Publish first.Report my image. What is the issue?
I promised myself not to get entangled with such, but because my loved ones and friends follow me on many sites, I will pursue it. By the way, I will append a letter which came in my mail about a month back, thanks to people like you:
"I'm not sure how I should address you so I shall say Hello ***. I apologise if this is incorrect. Could you please clear up some controversy that is currently taking place on www.!"£$%^&*( There is a member recently joined under your name and some people are questioning that it is really you. This is getting out of hand and spoiling an otherwise very pleasant site. Would you PLEASE confirm one way or the other? Thank you." witheld.

Submitted by **** ****
Date Fri, 02/12/2011 - 06:25
Comment It's quite a school boyish prank to deliberately misspell or miss-pronounce a name. You have done this every time you've referred to me, so it's not a typo. Even when you've sent private emails to other members of this group, (yes some of them have told me about it). I payed a complement on this picture and you chose to deliberately dig up old arguments by misspelling my name. You sir are a tw@t.. I say now quite clearly, the photo of a coco-nut on a beach was manipulated. If you don't like it, you take action.
The email that you refer to was sent by a friend of my daughter, who has since stopped using this site because of the threatening way you replied. Do you really want to get into that?

Submitted by *** *** ***
Date Fri, 02/12/2011 - 08:18
Comment **** **** (named spelled correctly), sorry about the spelling. It was not the intention to misspell. So "miss spelling a name" is digging up old arguments or being disrespectful.?? You are such a "small man"I had a strange feeling that one of you was behind that girl sending me an email. It is not surprising at all. !"£$%^& knows about this and was told to write in through the website but I did not. Any one can write but nobody can write on behalf of !"£$%^ unless you are a representative, otherwise it can warrant legal proceedings.
The issue here is YOU. I want to level with you. Publish what you said about the "coconut" and all your allegations anywhere in public ( Google, newspaper, blog) with your name, ID and address. Reference must be made to my image, the moderator( www. my !"£$%^, referererd to as *** *** *** ( *** *** *** (different name) 500609-01-5239),Malaysia, otherwise it wont hold in court. Further particulars, I will make arrangements to channel through the Malaysian Embassy on request by your counsel in London for your attention. Meanwhile this is my mailing add:
*** *** *** (second name), ( *** *** *** (original name)) L-15-1 & L 15-2, Melinsung Summer Bay Resort, 89600, Papar, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
*** DYNASTY SDN BHD, Lot D-3, Gerai Laman Seni, Wisma Budaya, 88000, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. ( My Gallery)
Don't be a coward and hide behind this screen...MAKE IT PUBLIC and don't ever back out, as you are indeed right, until I prove you wrong.Let the court decide.
I need your particulars, through your lawyer to serve on you. You want me to create history, it shall be done, and thank you, Mr. **** **** ( yes spelling is correct), for making the "coconut" a world famous controversy soon.I have never done this to anyone, but you deserve to be nailed, and please don't drag others into this or speak on their behalf, not even your daughter or her friend.
Meanwhile, you should do a victory run on the number of likes you got on your "apple" How fascinating?? Creativity cannot be bought and remember, hanging a camera, with abbreviations and digits, around your neck does not make one a photographer. Its just like Calligraphy, it will take at least 20 years ( 8 hours of practice a day) to sit on the back row among calligraphers.Its the same with photography, I believe.

Well, I have done as you asked, Mr *** *** ***, I have published all sorts of stuff to the web, I have stated my belief that I think the vast majority of your stuff involves post processing (well actually I hadn't, but I have now) and I await, with un-bated breath, your next little rant.............