Thursday, 22 September 2011

Thursday 22nd September 2011

I, I wish you could swim. Like dolphins, like dolphins can swim...

I have not written for ages. So long that I can't remember when the last time was or what it was about.
Never mind, it doesn't matter. Today's blog is not going to be funny. I know sometimes it isn't anyway, but today it will be deliberately so.

I have been wondering what to write about for some time but couldn't think of anything. Also I have been working a lot lately, but that doesn't matter either and I'm not gonna moan about it either.

A lot of people moan over the most trivial of things. Most of things that we moan about really aint worth it, myslef included. I work all over the country and always hear people moaning about the weather, it's too hot, it's too cold, it's too wet, there's a drought. Another favourite is work, the hours are too long, the hours are too short, the work is too hard, the work is boring etc etc.

Celebrities moan all the time. They moan if they don't get enough attention, they moan if they get too much attention, they became a celebrity to be in the public eye and then moan when the public want to photograph them.

Well I was on a website today, whilst sitting in Cambridge Service Station, and there was a link to a website.

I hope that link works, if not there is a link in the list of my favourite sites, top right of the page.

This girl should be an inspiration to us all. She has terminal cancer, but she is raising awareness for Anthony Nolan and Bone Marrow Awareness so other people can be helped.
She is 15 years old and has been battling cancer for 4 years and has written a 'Bucket List' of things she wants to do in her life. You may think that these would be outlandish things that we can only dream of, but read the list.

Alice would like to go to Cadbury World. She would like to stay in the Chocolate Room at Alton Towers. She would like to train dolphins. There are things on the list that Alice has already done, like go to Kenya (well it was "Kent-Ya) but look at the very top of the list.

The very top of the list is for something that is not for her but for any other person that may need it.

And she's only fifteen years old.

And then there is her sister, Milly.
Milly has raised over £100k. That's ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND POUNDS. And all for charity.

Milly was born with a rare genetic condition called Crouzon's Syndrome - where the bones in her skull were fused at birth. She has had countless hospital visits and operations and yet during all this time she has written a story called "My Life at Great Ormond Street" and created a Christmas Card, both of which raise money for the hospital.

All this, and Milly is 12 years old.
Yup, that's right, twelve years old.

So there you have it, a fifteen year old with terminal Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (a cancer of the lymphatic system) and her twelve year old sister not without her own problems.

And what do they do? Do they sit there and moan about it?

Nope they go out and do stuff that will benefit who knows how many hundreds of other people. Not for themselves, they don't get any financial gain, they are 15 and 12 years old for god's sake, they do it because they can, they want to and they are brilliant human beings.

I write a crappy blog in my spare time, Alice Pyne writes a truly inspirational one and everyone should read it, at least one entry if not all of them.

The two of them are a credit to their parents, god only knows what they go through, but I bet you don't hear them moaning all the time either.

The pair of them, Alice and Milly Pyne, have both been nominated for the 'Inspiration Awards for Women' and I implore you to go to the website now and vote for them. You have to vote in the other categories too but they don't really matter, just make sure you vote for these two.

And next time you feel like moaning, spare a thought for Alice and Milly, two truly fantastic girls.............

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tuesday 6th September 2011

He found a tiger's head one day nailed to a piece of wood, the tiger looked quite miserable but I suppose it should.

I bought some Tic Tacs the other day. Thought I would keep them in the car to give me a little lift every time I wanted one.
They are Cherry and Passion Fruit flavoured. Or Cherry Passion, as they call them. The cherry ones are red and the passion are yellow. The pack says there are 100 in the little pot and I was wondering if there really was. I also wondered if there would be 50 of each and I wished I'd counted them before I started to eat them. Too late now, most of them are gone, but I may have to buy another pack just to see.

It's funny, but when I shake them out of the little opening in the top they always seem to come out in twos, one of each colour / flavour. Are they specially designed to do this? Is there some kind of magnetic field built into them to make the two flavours / colours stick together? Are they full of something we don't know about? Are they safe to eat?

For fucks sake, they are little tiny sweets, you twat, they aint gonna do you any harm, you wouldn't even fit much fat in them so they gotta be healthy.

Car's in for a service. Finally get to take of the bit of card that is covering up the service light on the dashboard. I'm sure Renault only put it there, right in your eyeline, so that you get so fucked off with it that you take your car to be serviced just to have it turned off.

Bloody great spanner, it is, enough to drive you mad.

Shitty weather today, unless you are a duck, which I'm not so it was shitty.
Good for the grass, they say. I don't give a toss about the grass. If I want the grass to have water I can turn on the hosepipe. It aint hard. What I want is a bit of decent weather.

Engalnd won tonight, yay.

I go on a website run by people with Fuji cameras. You can upload photos for others to see and comment on. There was a beaut went up tonight. Someone took a photo of their car, a Passat or a Bora or something, maybe a Golf, it's difficult to tell from the clever angle the picture is shot from, but it was a 20v GTI, by all accounts. Lovely photo, I feel ashamed to share a planet with people like the one who took that photo. Genius, true genius.............

Angled Reflections | MyFinePix UK

Every month there is a competition on this Fuji website with a different theme.
This month, the theme is 'Angles'
Here is my entry.............

Angled Reflections | MyFinePix UK

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Saturday 3rd September 2011

She's nicked off, I'm in a spin, the first thing I shall do oo oo, is plug the hoover in.

A funny thing happened to me today.
That sounds like the opening line of a joke, "a funny thing happened to me on the way to the...."

Well something funny happened to me when I got somewhere. We went to a leading supermarket, one that has just announced that it is shutting down all it's Japanese stores because they don't make enough money. Not that they lose money, but that they don't make enough. Still, we went there to buy a few bits and pieces and also try to get seven quid back. We had bought some washing liquid last week and it was a BOGOF offer. Seven quid each they were, and as the second one was free (if you bought the first one) we decided to get two. When we got home we noticed that we had been charged for two, not for one, so the BOGOF hadn't kicked in.

Did you know that there is also a well known acronym in the trade (which trade?!?) known as WIGIG, or Wigig. Can you guess what it is? I only know cause my brother told me, and he sells fish fingers for the company that has the old sailor boy.

Anyhoo, we got our £7 back and decided to do what was only right, and go and spend it in the canteen on a bit of brekkie. Being a veterinarian I asked for a couple of vege sausages and sure enough the woman serving toddled off and got them. When she came back I asked for the rest of my order. I had two hash browns, tomatoes, mushrooms, beans, fried bread and then asked for two fried eggs. She looked at the empty fried egg plate. Looked at me. Looked at the fried egg plate again. Next to the plate without the fried eggs was a plate with poached eggs. She looked at her colleague. Looked at the fried egg plate. Looked at me. Looked back at the fried egg plate, picked it up and went to the kitchen hatch and asked for more fried eggs.

I then asked for a sausage and fried egg roll for Liz. She toddled off and came back with a bread roll with a couple of sausages in a roll. When I reminded her that I had asked for a sausage and FRIED EGG roll, she asked me if I had ordered the fried egg, as the fried egg plate was empty. I told her I had, as I had ordered a sausage AND FRIED EGG roll, with her, when I asked for a sausage and fried egg roll. She looked at me. She looked at the fried egg plate. Looked at me. Looked at her colleague and then started towards the kitchen hatch. Her colleague told me that they had poached eggs. I told her I wanted a fried egg. "You don't want a poached egg then?" she asked. "No, I want a fried egg" I patiently replied. My breakfast came and they said they would bring the roll over to the table, so we went to pay.

When we got to the till the woman asked the serving woman if my breakfast was a 10 item breakfast. As she asked the question she was counting the items on my plate. She correctly counted two eggs, two hash browns, two vege sausages fried bread, tomatoes, beans and mushrooms (10 items) and then asked again, "is this a 10 item?".

After breakfast we went to buy a couple of things; bread, eggs, scouring pads and stuff.
Whilst touring the aisles I saw the most bizarre thing.

I remember, back in the day, that you used to be able to buy sweet cigarettes but these got banned for health reasons. Now you get sweet sticks, or sweet twigs or somesuch rubbish, but what I saw was truly strange. Who would have thought that a leading supermarket would sell such a thing. I thought these would never have got passed the PC brigade in case they gave you cancer, or implied that they may suggest you get cancer, or may even entice you to go to another area of the same shop to buy something that may well actually give you cancer.
All you would have to do, to make them really really authentic would be to dip the end of them into some tomato ketchup.

Oh, and they didn't even have a health warning on them, even though they contained semolina.............