Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Tuesday 6th September 2011

He found a tiger's head one day nailed to a piece of wood, the tiger looked quite miserable but I suppose it should.

I bought some Tic Tacs the other day. Thought I would keep them in the car to give me a little lift every time I wanted one.
They are Cherry and Passion Fruit flavoured. Or Cherry Passion, as they call them. The cherry ones are red and the passion are yellow. The pack says there are 100 in the little pot and I was wondering if there really was. I also wondered if there would be 50 of each and I wished I'd counted them before I started to eat them. Too late now, most of them are gone, but I may have to buy another pack just to see.

It's funny, but when I shake them out of the little opening in the top they always seem to come out in twos, one of each colour / flavour. Are they specially designed to do this? Is there some kind of magnetic field built into them to make the two flavours / colours stick together? Are they full of something we don't know about? Are they safe to eat?

For fucks sake, they are little tiny sweets, you twat, they aint gonna do you any harm, you wouldn't even fit much fat in them so they gotta be healthy.

Car's in for a service. Finally get to take of the bit of card that is covering up the service light on the dashboard. I'm sure Renault only put it there, right in your eyeline, so that you get so fucked off with it that you take your car to be serviced just to have it turned off.

Bloody great spanner, it is, enough to drive you mad.

Shitty weather today, unless you are a duck, which I'm not so it was shitty.
Good for the grass, they say. I don't give a toss about the grass. If I want the grass to have water I can turn on the hosepipe. It aint hard. What I want is a bit of decent weather.

Engalnd won tonight, yay.

I go on a website run by people with Fuji cameras. You can upload photos for others to see and comment on. There was a beaut went up tonight. Someone took a photo of their car, a Passat or a Bora or something, maybe a Golf, it's difficult to tell from the clever angle the picture is shot from, but it was a 20v GTI, by all accounts. Lovely photo, I feel ashamed to share a planet with people like the one who took that photo. Genius, true genius.............

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