Thursday, 3 November 2011

Aint nature a funny thing. Well sometimes it is, sometimes it quite heart-wrenching, but I suppose it's survival of the fittest etc etc. I was watching that latest Attenborough thing and they were showing a Caterpillar that couldn't eat fast enough to transform into a Butterfly so everytime the cold spell came back it would crawl under a rock and basically die. Then, when the sun comes back four months later it comes back to life and starts eating. Fuck knows how much it has to eat cause they can do this for 12 years. Bet the butterfly don't last that long.

Something else they had on there was a bunch (school? shoal?) of Narwhals swimming
up a crack in the ice. Now, as you can see, Narwhals have very long Unicorn type things sticking out the front of them and they swim up the crack Red Indian style. This is thought to be the reason that Narwhals are the only animals, with the exception of Humans, to have pierced clits.
Apparently it is a bit of an accident, when the front one has to do an emergency stop and the others don't notice, and then they have to 'plug the hole' to stop the Swordfish/Unicorn/Whale combination from filling with water and drowning.

Narwhals are well known for being able to hold their breath for up to four months, so when one drowns it is a long, drawn out process.

The items that are used for the clitoris piercing can range from an oversized icicle (short-term, emergency measure) to a small seal or even a discarded hair gel container, left by a careless BBC cameraman.

The most broadly accepted theory for the role of the tusk is as a secondary sexual characteristic, similar to the mane of a lion or the tail feathers of a peacock. When I say ‘most broadly accepted’ I mean by some of the more famous academic types. This hypothesis was notably discussed and defended at length by Charles Darwin, in The Descent of Man, and Selection in Relation to Sex but what wasn’t discussed was the act of sexual piercing, notably that of the clitoris. It is not known, however, if male Narwhals have ever had a ‘Prince Albert’.

I took a photo of a Kingfisher today, not the best, but it's a Kingfisher.
And I took it.............

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