Monday, 3 January 2011

Monday 3rd January 2011


Back to work tomorrow, deep joy.
I hear it is snowing in the South West of the country, they can keep it.
I don't mind snow, but only in places where it is supposed to snow.
Like on a piste or in Switzerland or something.
Of course, they have pistes in Switzerland, but other pistes are available.
Looks pretty, I know, but I kept losing the dog in it so we soon got fed up. And the amount of balls we lost was ridiculous.

I went to buy a new jacket for work today.
Thought I would try 'Lakeside Village' in Doncaster as they had a sale on with up to 60% off everything.
Jackets were still about £3498 each in Jeff Banks. Who the fuck does he think he is?
Not many people realise, but in 2000 Banks signed a deal to design clothes for Sainsbury's. A dispute led to the early termination of his contract and the resulting lawsuit was resolved with Sainsbury's agreeing to pay a reported settlement of £1 million, plus a box of truffles every week.

I wonder what kind of truffles they are. Or if he has a variety?

Apparently he has designed a car too, only a Kia mind.
I've never seen one though.

Anyway, I ended up in Next Clearance, which used to be called 'Next to Nothing' I'm sure, and there was a jacket with two labels on.
One label said £37 and the other said £42 so I took that one off.
I went to pay and they charged me £18.


We still have piles of snow lying around the village.

The weathermen (or someone) are saying that we have had the coldest and driest December since sliced bread.
How the fuck can it have been the driest December?
Did they not see the amount of bastard snow we had?
And isn't snow just frozen water?
What happens when the snow melts in places where weathermen live, because I know that around here it turns into water and makes everything wet.

Maybe snow isn't frozen water as frozen water would be ice, wouldn't it?
Maybe it is semi-frozen water or something.
Who knows. Maybe I could ask someone, like a weatherman, but those pricks don't even realise that snow is water at all, apparently.

Huddersfield won, just gotta hope the other ten results go my way.


Well I had no luck with me bets today, so I went on the Wii-Fit just to cheer meself up.
The yoga isn't bad, although I look like a complete cock doing it. Let's hope that you can't see my silhouette through my curtains or there will be a bunch of giggling chavs congregating outside every evening.
My Wii-fit age is 42 tonight, better than yesterday (by more than 10 years) but still a year plder than my actual age.
How accurate do you think it is then?
My BMI has come down again, apparently.
If I keep this up, I will have a BMI of zero in a couple of weeks.

Is that good.............?

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