Sunday, 2 January 2011

Sunday 2nd January 2011

Well I've not done a lot today.

Got up, cleaned the kitchen and took the Christmas tree down.

Yes I know you are supposed to wait until 12th night, which would be the 6th Janary or something (see I'm not even sure when it is so how could I wait? I would probably get it wrong!) but it has been up for nearly a blooming month, that's long enough surely?

And what is the point of it anyway?
OK, so it looks pretty when it's all lit up, but it looks just the same on day 2 and day 3 and day 4 etc.
It's not if it does anything different on a day to day basis.

There's the tree, on the left next to some gormless looking twat.
This is obviously before the lights and baubles and tinselly stuff were put on.

I hate doing that, so I had a cunning plan.
I assembled the tree (of course it's not real, it's fucking black you prick) and then just left it for a few days.
It was just stood there, naked.
Well on day three Liz got so pissed off with it that she decorated it herself.

I would put a photo up but I didn't take one and it's a bit late now, as I've taken it down.
I would take a picture of the space where it used to be, but I can't be arsed.

Got a Wii for Christmas.
When I say I 'got' one, I bought one myself, didn't get it as a present or anything.
I have decided to use the Wii Fit on a regular basis and try to get a bit fitter.

Well the first time I used it, it told me I had a Wii age of 41 years old.
That's quite good really as I am 41 years old, but I have just used it for the second time and it tells me that my BMI and weight has gone down but my Wii age is now 53.

Is it taking the piss, or what???

I had to have a cigarette to cheer myself up.

Still, I'll persevere I suppose, see if I can become super-fit.

Forgot that Ironman was on, which pissed my off a little bit, but I just started watching it, 40 minutes of the way through.
Haven't got a fucking scooby what is going on now, but hey.

Made some 'Killer Pizzas' last night.
Used Iguana en Fuego in the sauce and marinated the sausages in Daves Insanity Sauce overnight.
I then 'accidently' sprinkled a few dried chillis over the top of them.

They were only small, but they packed a mean punch.............

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