Saturday, 15 January 2011

Saturday 15th January 2011

OK, so I've been busy. I was in Scotland for a couple of days and got back home at around half past seven last night, ordered an Indian and then couldn't really bring myself to start up the computer.
I had a prawn pathia, it was alright, but tasted a bit like washing up liquid. Not sure if it was supposed to or not, but strangely wasn't disgusting.

Tesco have played a blinder again today, they had a bargain bin with signs on stating 'Men's Essentials 50p' and the bin had a couple of shirts but mainly packs of girls knickers. I was really surprised they hadn't sold out. I did get some funny looks, however, taking a photograph of it.

I received an email from a bloke I used to work with on Monday. I won't mention his name or what company he works for, but he is a tall man who is a bit mad and reminds me of Magnus Pyke, not in looks but in characteristics. Anyway, the message wished me a belated "HNY" and then said that he had heard some strange rumours about the company I worked for. So I rang him and asked him what they were. Apparently we have gone bust. Now, even though the construction industry is rife with rumours that we have gone bust, no one has told us and we are still winning work, making stuff and, most importantly, they are still paying me.

I now know the difference between a 'Di-Da' and a 'Dingle'
If anyone else does, why not show off a little and let everyone know in the comments box, at the bottom of the post.

I'm gonna make some chilli sauce this afternoon, I made some the other day and it was so successful that I have decided to make some more. I'm also going to sort my spare room out and all the stuff that is in there that was left by psycho ex-wife#2 is going on e-bay or Amazon. I will probably do a bit of self promotion and shamelessly advertise most of it on here. That way, if anyone buys it through a link I put up on the blog I get double bubble, the money for it plus a referral fee.

You never know, there may be a second installment later, depends how the chilli sauce goes.............

Sauce was good, two bottles worth, drenched my tuna steak with it.
I made chunky chips to go with it, but they seemed to shrink whilst they were cooking. Half of them seemed to disappear too, fuck knows where they went but I'm sure I cut up more potatoes than that.
Maybe they couldn't stand the heat so they got out of the kitchen.
I also made a lasagne for tomorrow, I've been such a busy boy today.

Didn't do so well in the poker though, I came 1209th out of 1531. Not exactly a winner but never mind.
None of my bets came in either, even though I bet on Bristol Shitty to lose 3-0. Bastards couldn't even do that and went and lost 4-0.


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