Saturday, 22 January 2011

Saturday 22nd January 2011

I bought a new sat-nav today.
I bought a Garmin nuvi 1410, I got it from Halfords and it was reduced from £399 to £129. Don't know why it was ever £399 if they can sell it for £129 but there you go. It has a 5" widescreen and you can choose what kind of pointer to use to show you where you are and where you are going. It is set with a little blue car as a default but I changed it to a bird. I haven't got a clue what type of bird it is but it isn't a little bird, more like a bird of prey. An eagle or a falcon probably. You can't really tell as it is only a small icon but it flaps it's wings as you drive along.
I had to buy a sat-nav following the debacle with O2, where the bastards ripped me off with their limited 'unlimited' t'interweb access package.
I must go and complain to O2 sometime, see if they will do anything about their mis-selling when I took out the contract.

I've seen a lot of these foot massage places spring up recently. The ones where
they use Garra Rufa fish to massage your feet. Don't know if I fancy putting my feet in a fish tank and letting fish eat my feet. It's not so much the fish nibbling your feet that puts me off, cause lets face it they can't do a lot of damage to you can they? It's not as if they can fit your whole foot in their mouth and if they give you a litlle nibble you can just pull your foot out or simply squash them with your other foot. I wonder if you did pull your foot out the fish would hang on to it like a dog hangs onto a rubber toy when you swing it round and round.
What really puts me off is the fact that these tanks that you put your feet in aren't very big and they have quite a lot of fish in each one.
All these fish have to piss and shit somewhere don't they and I don't see any little fishy toilets. Also you get all these people putting there skanky feet in the tanks and I don't expect many people think to themselves "I'm going to get a Garra Rufa fish massage whilst I'm in town today, I'd better wash my feet for the occasion.".
I suppose it's a good idea though. You always get these places in shopping centres where people are walking around all day and getting tired feet.
But have you seen the prices? The one I saw was £10 for 15 minutes.
Yep, that's ten of your English pounds for fifteen fucking minutes.
So all in all you have a bunch of fish that spend all day eating the skin off peoples dirty skanky feet and pissing and shitting in a small tank of water. And they want me to pay £10 to put my feet in there? I don't think so.

Bought a wok today too. As we have the ingredients for a stir fry, with healthy soy sauce, and it didn't get eaten last night, I thought I would buy a wok to cook it in. Hopefully it will taste more authentic. More Chinese. I'll chuck a bit of chilli sauce in with it too, give it a bit of a kick.

Liz bought a bike. Went to Halfords and got the whole thing: bike, helmet, pump,
lights, gloves, hat, backpack and puncture kit. The man in Halfords put it all together for her and it is now stood in the hallway. My bet is that it will stay there from now til eternity, but at least she rode it round the carpark before we put it in the car so at least she can say she has used it.
She got it with one of these 'Ride to Work' vouchers. As if that is gonna happen. We live about 15 miles from her work so she would need to get one with an engine for that. Still I suppose if it stays in the hallway it will stay clean.

I had a bet on Rovers to win 2-1 with Hoskins to score first. Hoskins did score first and they were winning 2-1 but they have just scored a third.
I should by happy really, they don't normally win, but if they are going to win they could at least do it with the score I have bet on. I would have been happy and £100 better off.
I've got a fiver on the shitty team in Bristol too, to win. A consolation bet. If they lose I'm happy, if they win I make money. They are drawing at the moment.
My Premier league accumulator fell at the first fence with those pricks Liverpool beating Wolves 3-0 in the early kick off so all in all I'm not doing so good today.............

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