Monday, 31 January 2011

Monday 31st January 2011

Has the world gone totally fucking mad???

Here we are in the grip of a recession, despite what the gobblement says, with people losing their jobs all over the shop,
companies folding, taxes rising and what happens, the football world goes totally fucking barmy.
Last day of the transfer window and teams are spending squillions of pounds on blokes to kick a ball around.
Gawd knows how much in wages, signing on fees, transfer fees, agent fees, image rights and fuck knows what else. How do clubs justify it? If bankers are given huge bonuses and wages then they are, rightly in my opinion, slated. But what about footballers? They play ninety minutes of football at a time, most of it spent walking around, and complain that if they have to play two games in one week they don't get time to rest.

REST??? FUCKING REST??? You're supposed to atheletes you knobcheeses, get off the freaking golfcourse and run around on the pitch for a bit without falling over, you overpaid primadonna wankers.

They claim they have to be paid so much because the only have short careers. Why
spend so much money on cars and shit then? If you only have short careers then save some of it. Don't try and be flash, and nine times out of ten get it wrong. You don't need such a big bastard house and all those cars.Or if you want to fritter all your money away on agents fees and stuff, don't bleat about it when you are coaching the local school U13 team when you are thirty.

It's a bit like panic buying at Christmas, this transfer window lark. Scramble to buy the players before 2300hrs tonight cause they won't be available for another fifteen fucking games (or something like that). Shame these football 'stars' couldn't take performance related pay. That'd sort some of the fuckers out. If they don't perform, don't pay 'em as much. Bollocks to all this 'appearance bonus', 'win bonus', 'pass bonus', 'put my socks on the correct feet unaided bonus' shit, pay them less when they lose not more when they win.
That Michael Owen, he's a cunt too. Always has been, always will be.

That's my rant about footballers over. I'm knackered now.

It's been a slow day.............

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