Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Tuesday 1st February 2011

February already, where does the time go? It only seems like it was about a month ago that we were celebrating the new year!

Are there any legal experts out there? I am in need of some advice.
I received a letter at the beginning of January from a debt collection agency (who's name I shan't mention) saying that I owed money from an
unpaid utility bill from a previous address. I rang them to say that I had paid all my utility bills from that address when I moved therefore, as far as I was concerned, there was no debt. The lady from the debt company claimed that they had a copy of the outstanding bill which proved that I hadn't paid so I asked her to forward a copy to me, by post, which she agreed to do.
Last week I received a second letter stating that I still had not paid the outstanding debt, but no mention nor sight of the alleged outstanding bill. So I ring the company and they check their records and yes, agree that I had had the conversation but the bill is 27 pages long so if I want it posted then I have to pay the postage. I refused, saying that, as far as I am concerned, there is no debt to pay so if they wish to disprove this they need to send me the bill and I am not prepared to pay for them to do so. Their reply was "that's fine, we will just keep ringing you to ask for the money and the debt will keep going up."
So, all you legal eagles out there, should I pay for the postage of this bill or should I stick to my guns and refuse to send them a stamped addressed envelope? If the debt continues to rise and I have to go to court, will I have a leg to stand on or will I just end up paying out shit loads of money?

I was working from home today and have been sat at my desk all day, chained to the computer. At lunchtime I walked past the front door and found a note from the postman
on the floor of the hall telling me that he had called but there was no one to sign for my package. As I have just stated, I was in the house all morning. The only time I got up from the computer was to either go to the loo or go to the back door to have a cigarette. I suppose having a dog that never barks doesn't help. Soppy cow could've told me that someone was there. Dangerous dog, my arse. I mean, look at her, she is a big soppy ha'peth. Bless her, she don't half snore though. Apologies for the carpet, I inherited it. The good thing about it is, it doesn't matter what I spill on it, it doesn't show up.
Anyhow, I trudge down to the post office this afternoon only to be told that the package is
not there yet, it should be in tomorrow and the postman should have written on the card that it couldn't be collected for 24 hours. Well he didn't and the sour-faced woman behind the counter didn't care, simply saying that I would have to talk to the postman about him not knocking when he pushed his little note through the door.
How can I speak to the fucking postman when he doesn't fucking knock on the fucking door, bitch????

I'm all stressed out now.

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