Saturday, 19 February 2011

Saturday 19th February 2011

What a day.

Went shopping today, was in Frenchgate Shopping Centre in Doncaster and how fucking
annoying are the lifts in there? If you have ever parked your car there then you will know what I mean. The only stairs are emergency ones and they are alarmed so you have to use the lifts. But the problem is that the stupid fucking lifts take about four hours to arrive, and then the chances are that they are heading up when you need to go down to get to the shops. I'm sure it is a ploy to make you stay in the carpark for longer thus meaning you have to pay more.
You have to walk through Debenhams when you come out of the lift, and as we were walking through I saw a woman sitting at one of the beauty counters having her eyes flossed. Fuck knows what was going on, but she was sitting there, her head laid back, holding one of her own eyes open whilst this crazy Debenhams beauty counter worker woman rubbed what looked like dental floss over her eye. The crazy Debenhams beauty counter worker woman had one end of the dental floss between her teeth (yep, her TEETH) and the other end in one hand whilst she held on to the dental floss at around the mid-point with her other hand. This can't be right, surely? If it is, it shouldn't be.
In the shopping centre itself there were women on a bit of a stall thingy promoting swimming for kids. Nothing pervy or owt, but kosher swimming promotion for young children. Fair play, I thought, promote a healthy activity. Something to keep them fit, stop them getting fat (or, even worse, obese). The women were giving out information leaflets to the parents and bags of sweets to the kids.
Fucking good promotion technique there, get 'em fat and then they will need the exercise. Shame about their teeth though.
Went car hunting today. First stop was the Nissan Showroom. I really like the Nissan Juke and the top of the range model can be bought for a shade over £18k. Couldn't get one until May though and as I have to hand my company car back in three weeks, I would be a bit stuck till then.
After a few more visits to other dealers I found myslef at the Seat dealer. There was a Seat Leon for sale, ex-demo with 20k on the clock. Six grand discount so I took it for a test drive. Shame it's red, I hate red cars, but £6k is £6k and as I am buying my first car for 8 years I can't be overly choosy. Anyhoo, the red Seat will soon be mine.

Didn't buy any CD's today, which is a bit of a rarity for me when in town, but I did order a new laptop yesterday. Fuck me, I am going to have absofuckinglutely no money for the next few years.

Aint the word 'fuck' great? There is a very good video on ewetoob that tells you all about it, just copy and paste this link

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