Thursday, 17 February 2011

Thursday 17th February 2011

I'm getting a bit slack.

When I say that, I don't mean literally, of course, I mean my writing of the blog is getting
a tad lackadaisical (often misspelled laxidasical, and is it 'misspelled', 'mispelled' or 'mispelt'? I think I was right in the first place).
So, I must try harder. I'm tempted to write a spoof or two too, but I can't be arsed at the moment. Maybe later. Maybe when I have more time.

I saw on the news the other morning that some bloke has just spent the last six months of his life re-inventing the milk bottle. Due to the fact that some recycling centres (local tips) will not accept the current plastic versions, this nutter has taken the last six months 'inventing' one made out of cardboard. Now this eco-friendly cardboard bottle looks just like a plastic one, it is the same shape, the same size and does exactly the same job. The only difference is that it has a plastic bag inside it, to stop the cardboard getty all soggy I suppose.
Anyhoo, how come it has taken six fucking months to invent something that looks the same, does the same job and doesn't enhance your life in any way shape or form, unless you are a eco-friendly sandal wearing vegetarian abstinent pacifist? The bloke is a total fucking pleb.

I changed my logo. After hours of trying to figure out how to edit the thing it turned out
to be really easy. I had a conversation with a bloke who works for the company I am working out my notice with yesterday. He told me I was a fool for doing what I am doing as there is no work around and I have a shit name for my company as 'Ambient' means lukewarm. What a cock. Is it any wonder I want to leave?

Easter eggs are back in the news. Well they're not really, but they are on my blog again. The supermarkets, the very same ones that put the eggs on display before we were even into the New Year, are now selling them on the cheap and it's only February. They are probably all going to be out of date before Easter comes along.

I left my cigarette papers in my car today and when I got to Scotland I realised that I had left them. The biggest problem was that my car was parked outside a house in Wombwell so there was no going back for them. I did OK though, scabbing papers off everyone who I saw smoking.

God, I'm tired. I must go to sleep.............


  1. bet you be dreaming about cigarette papers tonight!

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    It's uncanny. I awaoke this morning and there was a packet of cigarette papers on my window cill. It was like the tooth fairy had been and left papers in lieu of money, but I didn't need to leave a tooth out.............