Friday, 4 February 2011

Friday 4th December 2011

I drove past a sign today for a "Lead Mine Museum."
What sort of person would want to go to a Lead Mine Museum? Seeing how we are not allowed to have lead in our paint anymore, or even in our pencils due to the fact that it is allegedely dangerous, why would you want to go to a mine full of the stuff?
"I know what we can do today kids, we can go to that poisonous lead mine, make sure you don't lick the walls too much though."

What about that wind? It has been so windy when I parked my car in the drive I thought that either the drive had shrunk or my car had grown. Turned out that the wind had blown the wheelie bins forward thus making me reverse into them. Good job it wasn't a small child, for two reasons really; one, it would be a bit cruel making them stand out in this weather all day, and; two, I knocked one of them over and I wouldn't want that on my conscience, well who would??

I saw two lorries on their side this afternoon, on the A66. For those of you who don't know much about lorries, they are not supposed to go on their sides. The wind had blown them over. I did wonder why there were signs at each end of the A66 stating that the road was closed to high sided vehicles, and there was my answer. If only the lorry drivers had been in my seat instead of being thrown around in their own, they might have realised too and not driven along a road that was closed to them.
I suppose you could say that it served them right, and it probably did.

All this stuff about Egypt is starting to bore me now, it's on the news 24/7 but it doesn't really change from on news bulletin to the next. Demonstrators from the anti-Mubarack faction demonstrating and demonstrators from the pro-Mubarack faction demonstrating. Maybe even demonstrators from both the anti- and the pro-Mubarack factions fighting. The army ineptly trying to appear to appease both sides but failing in both trying and appeasing. Why can't they do something different, like have a dance off or a huge game of Twister?

Still waiting for either my Capsaicin crystals or my Soulwax CDs to arrive,maybe both.
I sound unsure becuase the package that the stupid postman didn't knock on my door with on Tuesday remains uncollected as I have yet been able to get to the Postoffice. It maybe one or the other of these, or it may be something completely different. We'll see tomorrow, hopfully.
The big question is, if it is the crystals, should I try them or not. Fuck, I should have got two lots.............

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