Friday, 11 February 2011

Friday 11th February 2011

Well it's been quite an eventful day.

It started, as Fridays have done for the last four weeks, in a hotel room in Kirkintilloch but it didn't continue as Fridays have in the recent past.
Maybe I'll go into more detail in the near future, but I need to look for a new car and a new laptop. And a printer and maybe a desk and a chair. And possibly a phone.
Still, I have four weeks to sort it out so no worries.

I'm still bloody tired, but at least now I am happy and tired and not just tired.

When I was driving down the M74 this morning I saw a sign that read "Picking up your litter puts the lives of workers at risk". An easy solution to this, surely, is to just leave it on the floor then. That way no worker's lives would be at risk and the sign wouldn't need to have so many words on it, it could then be smaller and thus wouldn't need to be so big therefore maybe wouldn't be so much of a distraction and cause so many road accidents.
In summary, leave your litter on the side of the road and you may help reduce the number of deaths and traffic accidents.

I was in the supermarket earlier and fancied some biscuits. I saw a pack of animal crackers, you know, the ones which have half the biscuit covered in chocolate. I've often wondered if they would taste better if they were fully coated in chocolate or would this be a bit of chocolate overkill and the amount on there is just enough. Was there research done into this prior to their launch, or did the biscuit company simply get lucky?
Research is my guess.
Anyhoo, I picked up the packet of Animal Crackers and saw a warning on the side: "Do not open if seal is broken".

Two questions: (1) how do you know if you are lucky enough to have any seals? Does every pack have them? and (2) how do you know if they are broken until you open them?
OK, that was three questions, but the first two were monozygotic.

I'm going to see Imelda May tomorrow night, in Dirty Leeds. And for once I hope Dirty Leeds win their footy match tomorrow too.............

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