Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sunday 6th February 2011

I didn't get one reply to my plea for legal assisstance on my posting of 1st February, so thanks for that. I am now in limbo, not knowing what to do. I'm sitting tight at the moment as I'm sure that their reluctance to send me a copy of the alleged unpaid bill means that they do not actually have one and they are calling my bluff.

The wind is still howling, when I took Jezebel for a walk this morning I thought to myslef,
"I must bring a kite out with me this afternoon." When I took her out this afternoon I thought to myslef, "Damn, I was going to bring a kite out with me this afternoon." What a memory I have. I haven't flown a kite for a long while, I used to do it quite often and own three. But like so many other things, they are all packed away in their little bags; one in the loft, one under the stairs and one in the corner of my bedroom down the side of the wardrobe. I bet that if I ever get round to actually taking one out, the wind will drop to nothing.

I'm thinking about buying an Ipod. I'm really not a big fan of Apple, but I need something to play music on in the front room. When I say I need something, it's more a case of wanting but you know what I mean. Anyway, I don't really know too much about Ipods but I'm looking at a 'Classic', either 120GB or 160GB. Not bothered about an Ipod touch, as I don't need the wifi function for email etc as I can get all that on my phone. And no it's not an Iphone, it's a Galaxy S which is, in my opinion, much better. So anyway, I've been looking on ebay and I saw a 120GB Classic for £87.02, so I placed a maximum bid of £85. I was confirmed as the highest bidder and sat there with less than two minutes to go thinking that I had grabbed myslef a bargain on the very first attempt. With three seconds to go I was outbid twice. Looks like I need more ebay bidding practice.
Of course, when I eventually get my Ipod I will have to get a docking station with speakers to play it through. I've seen plenty in the shops with trendy names like gear4 and Iwantit and stuff, but I want a Bose one and nothing else will do. Nothing, that is, unless one of you lovely readers can advise me otherwise.

I've just heard that Gary Moore died this morning. That's sad. He was only 58. Great guitarist, Parisienne Walkways is one of my all-time favourite tracks. I must look up some Skid Row stuff, in his memory. The Irish Skid Row, not the American one. I can't say I have listened to much of their stuff in the past, if any. I suppose once he gets settled in he will be round his old mate Phil's place banging out some good tunes again.

I went shopping in Asda yesterday, think I mentioned it yesterday, and I spent around £60 but I am now sitting here wondering what to have to eat tonight as I've got nowt in. How does that happen?

Oh well, I suppose I'll have to pay a visit to the chippy.............

Bastard chippyis shut on a Sunday, I'm gonna starve!!!!!

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