Saturday, 5 February 2011

Saturday 5th February 2011

Went to the Post Office today to pick up the package that the postman couldn't be arsed to wait for a signature for on Tuesday. I was waiting for two things, the complete works of Soulwax and some Capsaicin crystals so I didn't know which one it would be.
I have to admit that I was a tad dubious about the Soulwax stuff as I have bought Soulwax CDs before and they have been a lot more expensive, but I was extremely pleasantly surprised to find out it was the Soulwax that was delivered, all 50+ hours of it. If you have never heard Soulwax before then I highly recommend it. Also look for 2Many DJs, Hang all DJs, Radio Soulwax and As Heard on Radio Soulwax, it's all the same. I bought this lot from an ebay seller called 'lostdigital' and it was all on a DVD which I simply burned to my laptop. Perfect, I would also recommend purchasing stuff from 'lostdigital' if you are ever shopping on ebay.

Bit of a shame it wasn't me Capsaicin crystals, but then again I suppose I am only gonna look at them and never going to eat them. Or am I?

I made a crazy mad pizza tonight. Not a Killer Pizza, but a crazy ass stupid pizza. The base had chilli flakes in it, the sauce had Blairs Ultra Death in it, the Quorn was marinated in Dave's Insanity Sauce and it was drizzled with the Mad Dog 357 Pure Ghost I cooked the prawns in. Oh and I used a couple of chopped Bird Eye chillis in the topping too. I think I am going to bleed from downstairs tomorrow.

I got some strange looks earlier today. I was in Doncaster having a wander around the shops when I decided to go for a coffee. I went to Costa, as I usually do, and ordered an espresso doppio. Being a smoker, I went outside to drink it so I could have a cigarette. This is when I got the funny looks, as it was raining at the time. I don't see the problem, Costa have big umbrellas outside and it wasn't cold. I was dry, it wasn't cold, I could smoke so I was happy. Let em laugh, I say, let em laugh.

I was quite proud of myslef too, I managed to walk around the market and go to Asda
without buying any chillis or chilli sauce. I think 14 bottles of the stuff is more than adequate for now, don't you?
Mind you, the only reason I didn't buy any chillis in Asda was because they only had mild ones, and there aint a lot of point to them.

I forgot to pick up Liz's bicycle helmet whilst I was in town, so that means that it won't be able to be lying around the house for at least a week when we will have time to go and collect it.
I was thinking about buying another slow cooker, to go in the spare bedroom for when we had guests but we don't have guests very often so I didn't bother. If we do have guests they can borrow the one in the downstairs bathroom as we don't use that very often either. Well, not for baths anyway.

You know what I said about bleeding? Why put something off until tomorrow when you can get it out of the way today?
Godinheavenhelpme it was spicy.............

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