Friday, 25 February 2011

Friday 25th February 2011

Last day at the Scottish Prison today, it felt good driving home.

Thought I'd treat myslef to a Chinese tonight, well not a chinese person, obviously. That
would be silly. And illegal. Cannibalistic even, so I stuck with the Chinese food. When I say Chinese food, I had egg fried rice, curry sauce and chips which I complimented with a couple of cheese and onion pasties. The other half had sweet and sour chicken balls, with some of the egg fried rice and chips.
Only trouble was, they forgot to deliver the chips.

Now I know chips aint very Chinesey, but we like them. They go really well with the curry sauce (it's a close run thing between this and gravy) so it was a bit disappointing not to have any. Especially as I was looking forward to them. I was looking forward to the whole thing.
You know how sometimes you are doing something like driving or walking or working? Anything really, and whilst you are doing whatever it is you are doing you start to really look forward to something and you really really want it and nothing else will do?
Well that was me, driving back from Scotland, I could think of nothing else but a couple of the aforementioned pasties, egg fried rice, chips and curry sauce.

I like to cut the pasties in half, mix the rice and the sauce together and stuff the pasties with the mix. May sound strange, but try it before you fuck it off. It's real good, the mixture of the hot rice/curry sauce combo and the cold of the pasty, the filling just starting to melt.
To compliment this culinary delight, chips with some of the rice/sauce combo are an excellent accompaniment.

So it was a bit of a fucker to look forward to that, really really want it only to find out that the fucking bastard chips didn't fucking turn up.
It's not as if you can ring up and complain. What are they gonna do? Send some out to you? It would take about an hour and the rest of your stuff would be cold.

I bought myself some sensible waking shoes the other day. I also bought a little rucksack and a stick and I went to the Lake District. I walked for about five miles carrying my newly purchased map of the area, stopped and sat on a little stone wall and got out my flask of coffee whilst I enjoyed the view. Then I tidied up my rubbish, walked another five miles before chatting with a couple from Devizes I happened to pass before stopping again by a small lake and having a biscuit and then I............

Sorry, I'm rambling.

Donny tomorrow, gotta look at buying a new printer, booking an appointment with the bank to open a new account and getting another memory stick. 16Gb for £12.99. I thought that was a good price. I hope they have some left.............

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