Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Wednesday 2nd February 2011

What a day. Drove to Croydon, left at quarter to six, took me six hours.

Got stuck on the A14 due to a lorry fire, the thing was gutted, so was the driver presumably. Both sides of the road shut, and all the trees looked as if they had been covered with snow.
Next up was the M11. That was stop start too, only this time for no apparent reason.
I hate that, at least with the first one their was physical evidence, someone to blame for being late, someone to shout at as you drive by and laugh at their misfortune.


But with the second one, the M11, there was no schadenfreude. No one to blame, just moving traffic again with no visible sign of a reason to be stuck.
I fucking hate that. It makes you wonder if it is all a conspiracy by the gobblement to reduce peoples speed and therefore reduce road accidents. All it does with me is raise my blood pressure and drive me crazy.

Spent about an hour and a half on site and then drove back, desperately trying to get to my next appointment in Worksop, at five o'clock.
Like that was ever going to happen. Got there at quarter to six in the end. Got home at quarter past eight and had something to eat.

Back on the road at half three tomorrow morning, so forgive me for keeping this short, just thought I'd have a whinge about flaming lorries and non-events.............

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