Saturday, 26 February 2011

Saturday 26th February 2011

Compulsive Washing Disorder.

I think Liz has it. She washes clothes constantly. The washing machine is always either
spinning or waiting for the timer to run out and start spinning. Everytime I come home from work there will be a load on and at weekends when I go downstairs to make coffee there will be the familiar sound spinning clothes. I go to look for something to wear and it will either be in the machine, being dried or on the 'pressing' pile ('pressing' meaning 'ironing' for those who weren't sure). Sometimes I only just manage to take a shirt off completely before it is out in the machine. I will probably end up in there myslef one day.
It's no wonder I can never find anything to wear, it's always in 'the system'.

Went into Donny today. As we were driving there we passed a housing estate where they were re-surfacing part of the entry road into the estate. There were vans parked on the side of the road, tarmacing operations going on and therefore traffic jams. Liz, complaining about the roadworks, stated "what a stupid place to do it". Maybe they should have moved the road, re-surfaced it and then put it back. Would have saved all the hassle I suppose.

When we got to Donny there were a few funfair rides and stalls. Stuff like Darts, where you have to score over seven to win but there is always a catch which means even Phil Taylor would fail to go home with a Teddy, and a basketball stall where you had to sink three hoops but the net roof was too low which would render it impossible.
There was also a ride where people sat on a long row of seats, got strapped in and then the row of seats went up and round and down and up and round etc etc. Presumably it would stop at mid point and make everyone scream before plummeting back toward the ground just to start again. The funny thing was, on the front of the ride, the bit where you queue up to pay, there was a 'Health and Safety' sign. The sign said, and it's in the photo on the left if you can make it out, "No Alcohol, No Bike Riding, No anti-social behaviour on Fairground" The first and last points are fair enough, but bike riding??? How the fuck are you supposed to ride a bike on this ride???

I bought some potted shrimp in the Fish Market. Had them for lunch, bloody lovely they were. They looked a bit like maggots but they tasted a whole lot better. Well I suppose they did, I have never tasted maggots.

Went to the bank too. I need to open a Business account but the Business Bank Manager doesn't do Saturdays apparently. You would think that Saturdays would be the best days for people like me to go to see the bank manager, seeing how I am trying to make my business work throughout the week. But no, I will now have to go back there in the week to get it sorted.

The other day I went on a blind date. The woman I met was a red head. She also had very pale complextion and was extremely skinny. Quite apt then that I arranged the date through

England have just beaten the French, which is good.............

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