Monday, 10 January 2011

Monday 10th January 2011

Went to London today, one of my favourite places. As I have mentioned before in a previous posting, it's a dirty smelly over-crowded noisy place where everyone ignores everyone else.
If you wanna check, you'll just have to trawl through the old posts, some of which are pretty crap.
Suffered from a little bit of deja vu on the journey down, as I had done the very same one yesterday morning when I went to see the boys.
Today though it wasn't so cold and icy, the music was different (not so much Toy Dolls) and there was more people in the car, as I was on my own yesterday. It was the same road though, until I got to the A14, and then it all changed.

There was three of us in the car, two 41 year olds and a youngster in the back. The CDs that were played included tracks such as Human League (Love Action), Japan (Quiet Life), Spandau Ballet (To Cut a Long Story Short) and Thompson Twins (Love on Your Side).
Well the two 41 year olds in the front, me being one of them obviously, reminisced about life in the eighties and what we were doing when these tracks were out and we kept asking youngster in the back if he had heard this song and had he heard that song. He told us that he had not heard of any of them, which we found amazing.

Until we were reminded that he wasn't born until 1991.
And then we felt old.

Still, I hear that the European Government has decreed that it is no longer acceptable to call people illegal immigrants or assylum seekers. They are now to be addressed as "Travellers Without Authority To Stay", or, in this age of acronyms......well you work it out.

Filled up with petrol on the way home (did that yesterday too), and put in £71.17 worth of petrol. Seventy one fucking pounds and seventeen bastard pence. It was £1.28 per litre. Shit me, that must be the most I have ever had to pay. Bastard Government and their bastard taxes and VATs and more taxes.
Still, it saves pushing I suppose.............


  1. That is better, I can relax now I have had my fix. You at least have one stalker, sorry I mean follower for your sometimes funny, mostly very interesting blog. Keep it up. Can not work out which profile to use as I do not know how to work it. Anonymous is the simplest one for simple people like me. Sharon

  2. Thanks, keep up the stalking, or following (call it what you will!!!).
    Use any profile you wish, but it's always best to remain anonymous, Sharon, that's what I say.

    Your readership and comments are much appreciated.
    (blimey, that sounded fecking pompous didn't it, what I mean is, cheers muchly.............)