Sunday, 9 January 2011

Sunday 9th January 2011

Sunday, the day of rest. So the alarm went off at 0530hrs and I was on the road by 0630hrs.
But it was all good as I was going to see my sons, so happy days.
I had their Christmas presents in the boot of the car, as I couldn't get to see them over the festive period (ask ex-wife #2, not me) and it got me wondering where we would be when they opened them.
It's difficult for single parents who don't have custody, the last couple of years, for birthdays and Christmas, the presents have been opened in the car, as they were today. This got me thinking; why don't places that you take the kids, like theme parks, zoos, safari parks, play areas etc have rooms designated for the opening of presents at Christmas. They could have a place to dispose of rubbish too, 170 miles with presents in the boot on the way there and 170 miles with the packaging and wrapping of said presents in the boot on the way home.

Still I think elder son was pleased with his mobile phone, one to replace the one that 'someone stepped on at school'. I bought him a T-Mobile Vairy Text, cheap, qwerty keyboard and looks a bit like a Blackberry.
The rest of the morning, however, was spent with him walking into things due to his eyes being glued to the screen as he sorted out his wallpaper and his ringtone (Sabre Dance by The Toy Dolls, thanks to Dad) and his text message settings and taking photos and videos and stuff.
He's only ten!!!!

Younger son liked his present too, a Buzz Lightyear Story Teller that, funnily enough, tells stories when you press a button. It has lots of buttons (well about ten) and they are positioned just right so that when you wrap the thing up you have to press them and then can't turn it off. Oh the stories we had to listen to the night it was wrapped.

We played football this morning too, and my god did the pair of them get muddy.
Well I didn't mind, that's the one advantage of not having custody. It's a bit like being a grandparent I suppose, you can even feed them just the right amount of sweets at the right time of day so that they feel fine when they are with you but then a bit queasy when they go home.
Oh, and they don't want the dinner that has just been cooked for them either.

Was watching 'Gavin and Stacey' last night. Stacey reminds me of Liz, or maybe it's Liz that reminds me of Stacey, I'm not sure, but they both say the funniest things.
I can't actually think of any at the moment, but I'm sure something will come to me, or I will given a fresh example before long.
I really should start making notes.

On the way to see the boys this morning I drove on the A10 and it was slippery. You could see the ice on the roads, all shiny and slippery looking, but did this stop people from driving to fast? Did it fuck.
I saw six, yes six, accidents in the space of a two mile stretch of road and all involving just one car in each incident. The Hertfordshire police were certainly earning their money today.

My next invention could be a device to heat the road just in front of your car. It would melt the ice as you approached it and would stop many accidents. I say many because I am yet to carry out any research to see how many accidents are caused by icy conditions, but I know it's at least six. Heated tyres could be the answer, they probably wouldn't be any good for the car you are in, but the car behind you would be safe as you would be melting the ice as you drove on it. If every car had them then everyone but the first person would be safe. Someone could be employed to be the first car to drive around and melt the ice for everyone else.

A criminal or something. They could be sentenced to a certain number of miles driving in the ice, depending on the severity of the crime committed.
That could be an election winner.

I may go into politics.............


  1. It's not all supposed to be funny you know.
    I do have a serious side too.............

  2. I am following this blog, what happened to the 10th. There is still time and I await my fix. :-) Sharon