Thursday, 27 January 2011

Thursday 27th January 2011

Well here I am again, Bonnie Scotland.
Not a bad journey, I was on site for ten to eight. Drove through a little sleet, but nothing much. It's amazing though, the amount of crap that comes off the road and lands on your windscreen. I was having to wash the screen about every 30 seconds.
Such a salubrious office too. It is made from metal and has no heating. I was sat at the desk for most of the day but it's OK, I can feel my feet again now.

I'm watching a TV programme about Inuits living in the Artic and they are hunting Narwhals.
The Narwhal is a funny beast, mostly whale, but with the tusk of a Unicorn. At first glance it seems a shame to kill them, but they don't hunt them for sport. Oh no, every part of the whale is used. The skin has, pound for pound, the same amount of vitamin C as an orange.
They also catch birds, with a net, and store them in an empty seal skin. 500 birds in one seal, covered in a bit of fat and buried in the ground. Keeps for months apparently. Don't think I'll bother trying this recipe though, not with being a vetinarian and all.

One doz, number 12. That's my room number tonight if anyone wants to pop in and say "hello", maybe bring me a cake or something. I'm not too keen on Iced Fingers though, in fact I really dislike them.

The birds I mentioned earlier get fermented whilst in the seals empty skin and gets a taste like intense Gorgonzola cheese. You can eat every bit of the bird; feathers, bones, guts, legs, everybloodything. Why would you want to eat a dead bird that has been stuffed inside an empty seal skin, buried for three months coated in seal fat that tastes like stinky cheese?

Not sure if I'll be writing a blog for the next coulpe of days. It's not that I can't be arsed, but I am visiting my daughters in Somerset this weekend and, I hate to tell you this, they are ever-so slightly more important than you lot.
I definitely won't be doing one tomorrow, as I am driving from Glasgow to Somerset, via Doncaster, and I think I may be a little tired. I'll try and do one on Saturday, but I'll not promise.............

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  1. hey I will help drive tomorrow old bean:-)