Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Wednesday 26th January 2011

Coffee. I think I am addicted. It's the caffeine I suppose. It's a psychoactive stimulant you know.
Who knows what that means though. Well Mr Wiki probably does. "A psychoactive drug, psychopharmaceutical, or psychotropic is a chemical substance that crosses the blood-brain barrier and acts primarily upon the central nervous system where it affects brain function, resulting in changes in perception, mood, consciousness, cognition, and behavior. These substances may be used recreationally, to purposefully alter one's consciousness, as entheogens, for ritual, spiritual, and/or shamanic purposes, as a tool for studying or augmenting the mind, or therapeutically as medication."Well there you go.
I have my first cup at about six in the morning. I go downstairs and make one for meself and Liz. The kettle is on the opposite side of the kitchen to the fridge and I stand there whilst the kettle is boiling and work out where I need to go in the kitchen and how I can do it in the least number of passes across the kitchen floor.
For example, if I pour the water in the cups and then go to the fridge, get the milk and walk back to the cups, put the milk in and then go back to the fridge to put the milk away, I have to go back to the cups and that equates to four passes before I can carry the coffee away.
If, however, I carry the cups to the side where the fridge is then it is only three passes: one to the fridge with the cups, one to the sink to put the spoon in the wash and one back to the cups.
If I carried the cups to the sink with the spoon, I could do it in two. I'll give that a go tomorrow.
What a thing to think about at a quarter to six in the morning.

Twenty four and a quarter, that's this weeks magic number.
I'll not tell you why, but it is this week.

I did it in two this morning, having wrote the above last night. Did it by carrying the cups to the fridge, pouring the milk then carrying the cups to the sink with the spoon.
Tomorrow I think I'll throw the spoon to the fridge, so that'll be a one.

I won a bid on ebay on Sunday, the complete Soulwax / 2Many Djs collection. My winning bid was £14.99, plus £1 post and packing, that's £16 for over 40hrs of music. It's not come yet and I'm starting to think I got ripped off. Mind you, it did say three to four days delivery time, so I'll wait until the weekend before I kick up a fuss.

The weekly pilgrimage to Glasgow tomorrow, so I'll be typing with a Scottish accent tomorrow night.

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