Friday, 28 January 2011

Friday 28th January 2011

Ha ha ha ha ha ha, I wasn't gonna, but it looks like I am.

I have driven from Glasgow to Doncaster, well Harworth but not many people know where that is, and I am now en route to Somerset. Obviously I'm not driving, that would be irresponsible, but I am being driven by an anonymous person wearing a balaclava. It could be The Stig for all I know, in fancy dress as whoever it is is not wearing a white racing suit.
I am presuming it is the 'anonymous' that commented on last night's post, but I can't be sure.

It never ceases to amaze me, this t'interweb lark.
Here I am, sitting in the passenger seat of my car, listening to one of my all time favourite tracks on the CD (Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie) and using t'interweb on my laptop with no wires hanging out of it at all.
How does it all work?
Not just t'interweb thing, but how do you make CDs so that when you put them in a machine music comes out?
And how, just by turning a little knob, or pressing a button on the steering wheel in this case, does the volume go up and down?
When you start thinking about everyday stuff that we take for granted, it makes you think some more.
It makes you wonder.

Trowell services.....
How do these places get their names? Do you think that when it was getting built there was a very good brickie on the job with an amazing trowel and he did such a good job, built it single handedly or something, that they named the place after him?
River Erewash, there's another one. Was it once used by the local eye, nose, ear and throat hospital and then the eyes and the ears and the throats pulled out so they named it after the one remaining organ that required it. It is probably pretty waxy by now, if it is still being used.

Aint motorways boring. They are long, mainly colourless and fairly straight. And long. It would be much more fun if the people who designed them put a few chicanes in, or a couple of hair pin bends. Maybe jazz them up a bit too, paint the central reservation different colours, have different coloured b ulbs in the streetlights. Make some of them flash.
And how about some entertainment on the hard shoulder. Not big screens showing films or anything drastic like that, that would be a tad distracting, but jugglers and clowns and stuff.
This could be another thing for criminals to do, along with driving on icy roads (see earlier post). It wuld make journeys more interesting, keep the kids amused and maybe stop a few accidents as drivers would be kept more alert.
Just a thought, probably won't ever catch on.

I'm gonna go now, try and have a nap, but I could be back later.
We'll see.......

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