Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Tuesday 10th August 2010

I've got adverts from Sainsbury today.
Do I get any money for that?
I probably would if all you readers clicked on one of them.
So go on, you know you want to.

Maybe all my followers will click on them.
I'd make a fortune if I had any.

What do Sherpas do on their days off?
If they have days off, do they just sherp around?
Maybe they get in a bit of training, to keep themselves sharp.
Sharp Sherpas.
Or maybe they do a bit of team bonding.

I wonder what the career prospects are in the world of sherping?
Do apprentice Sherpas aspire to be Chief Sherpas, or Senior Sherpas, or are they just content with their lot?

I need to ask one next time I see one, whenever that may be.

I bet Jamie Oliver wouldn't be seen dead without at least one Sherpa when he does his Himalaya specials, which he apparently often does.
Wonder if they all have to have a lisp, just so they don't make him look stupid.
As if he would need any help.

Someone once said that football is a funny old game.
Well not tonight it fucking ain't.


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