Friday, 13 August 2010

Friday 13th August 2010

On Friday 13th many people stay in bed.
Superstitious people.
Stupid people.

Once upon a time it was thought to be ok to walk under a ladder as long as you held your left ear until you saw a woman wearing a black hat.
What happened if you didn't see one that day and your hand came off your ear whilst you slept?
You may never wake up.

Is rock salt salt that is shaped like little rocks or is it salt that has been made on rocks.
Are there loads of little criminals who have to break up big rocks of salt into little rocks with little sledge hammers?

Cigarettes were first discovered by the Chinese.
Not many people are aware of that fact.
They used to grow tobacco in the paddy fields and one caught on fire.
Breathing in the smoke, the elderly chinese supervisor nipped down to the corner shop and bought a packet of fags.

The chinese invented bamboo as well, apparently.

Shooting Stars every night for a week.
Vic and Bob are gonna be so tired.
I hope they will be able to cope........

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