Thursday, 5 August 2010

Thursday 5th August 2010

Old people.

Old people are sometimes stereotyped into doddery forgetful folk that smell of piss.
Bit unfair really.

My parents are quite old, but they don't smell of piss.

Fish maybe, but not piss.

In fact my Dad, who is 84, still manages to ride a bicycle.
He's not so good going up hills mind, but he's a dab hand at going down the fuckers.

Still got an eye for the ladies too, randy old goat.

I got butted by a goat once.
Bastards have got eyes that are the wrong way round, have you ever noticed?
The coloured bit (fuck knows what it's called) is horizontal.
What's all that about?
Animals of the devil.

Visited Georgia once.
Lost his violin, in a bet.
Someone ought to write a song about that.

Have you noticed that songs all sound the same these days?

Most of them anyway.

Last day at work tomorrow, can't wait to get out of that shithole now.
I may just have to start making crank calls next week.
Although that might lead to making false claims or something equally stupid and I'd end up in court again.
Fuck it, I might even make some money out of them.

Interview next week.
Should I tell them about my community service yet or wait till I get the job?

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