Friday, 20 August 2010

Friday 20th August 2010

Do Chinese people eat English food at the weekend?
Do they treat themselves to an 'Engly'?
Or maybe they have a full English on a Saturday morning.

What about Indian people living in France?
Would they have a continental breakfast?
And would it be called a continental breakfast in France, by French people?

Le petit dejeuner de la continent maybe.
Or perhaps just a croissant?

What would happen if a family of German speaking Indians were living in France and fancied some foreign food.
What would they eat?
Especially if they were vegetarians living on an organic farm.

Wind up torches are all the rage these days.
I've invented a solar power torch so you don't need to waste energy winding things up.
It's got a solar panel from the roof of a derelict bungalow which powers the 25w bulb.
I've not worked out how to store the solar energy yet so it only works when the sun is out.

And it's pretty big.

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