Thursday, 5 August 2010

Friday 6th August 2010

I wasn't born under a wandering star.
I don't know anyone who was.
Or even anyone who has ever seen a wandering star.

Shooting stars, well that's different.
Its got Vic and Bob. And Ulrika ka ka ka.

I went to see them along time ago and Bob caught an apple in his mouth.

Quite impressive really.


I was going to get my kid's names tattooed but my arms weren't long enough, so I'm looking for a surgeon who will perform arm extensions for me.
Surely there has to be one in Croatia or somewhere?
I suppose that if I went abroad then I wouldn't get it done on the NHS.
Or maybe I would now that I am officially unemployed.

I wonder if Vic or Bob have any tattoos?
I bet they have.
I bet Vic has a tattoo of a daffodil or something like that.
On his ankle.

Talking of ankles, I read somewhere that an elephant is the only mammal to have four knees.
And it can't jump.

Not at all.
Not an inch.

They would be no good in a steeplechase.....

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