Saturday, 14 August 2010

Saturday 14th August 2010

Public school: good or bad?

Scientists, of a certain persuasion claim that drinking coffee late at night could keep you awake.
Something to do with the caffeine.
I often drink coffee last thing at night but as long as I'm tired enough I have no problem dropping off.

I once heard that Bill Gates is richer than gravity.
If he put all his money under his bed, and then fell off said bed he would start to fall like a parachutist.
If, then, the interest earned on his money was added to the stash already under the bed, but the floor went down to accommodate the extra cash, then Mr Gates would never hit the floor, thus proving said theory.

Mick 'spinach tooth' Hucknell's adage about money being too tight to mention was not quite right in this instance.

Was semaphore ever a useful form of communication?
Even in the days before emails, text messages and morse code, surely waving flags about whilst standing on the bow of a ship in a force ten was a bit of a bind?
It would have taken so long that the ship would crash or something, wouldn't it?

I've not seen any shooting stars this week but I have just watched two old episodes on one of the repeat channels.
Dave, probably.

Oil of Ulay.
Opal Fruits.
What do these things have in common?
Answers will cost £10 per minute and any entries received after tomorrow will not be counted but we'll keep your money.

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