Saturday, 7 August 2010

Saturday 7th August 2010 pt 2

If sheep were killers, what would their weapon of choice be?
It couldn't be a hand held weapon like a gun due to their lack of opposable thumbs.
An ape could possibly fire a gun, given the right training, but not a sheep.

A sheep would have to use some sort of computerised weapon.
But even then the computer would have to be specially adapted to allow it to use the keys properly.
It would have to be a large floor based keyboard with oversized keys, a bit like the piano in the toy shop in that Christmas film.

Then, given minimal training, a sheep could probably fire a heat seeking missile.

Or something.

Who makes all the Baked Beans in the world?
Is it many different companies or are they all made by the same one?
And if it is one company, is that company Heinz, or does someone else make them.

I mean, if Heinz make them all, why are they the most expensive?
You would think that they would work it so they were the cheapest and therefore sell more, wouldn't you?

I had a chinese takeaway the other night.
You never get baked beans from a chinese takeaway.
Or maybe you do.

Maybe you do and they just call them something else.
And they taste different because they're chinese.

Maybe the chinese make all baked beans and sell them to the entire world.

A global cartel.

Maybe the baked bean global cartel is run by chinese sheep.

Or maybe aliens......

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