Saturday, 21 August 2010

Saturday 21st August 2010

My elder son once asked me how old he was when he was born.
I thought this was just a stupid question from a young boy and I laughed.
I laughed a lot.

But if you think about it, it's quite a good question.
Technically you are nine months old when you pop out of your mothers nether regions (give or take).
Therefore on your first birthday you are around 21 months old.
But you couldn't celebrate your birthday three months after you were born, even though you are twelve months old, because a birthday is the anniversary of the day you popped out.

So what do we do?

The queen realised this years ago and that's why she has two birthdays.
One celebrates the day she appeared out of the royal fanny and the other celebrates her true age.

This means we are all 9 months older than we think we are.
Apart from people like my younger daughter who was born a month early, so she is just 8 months older.

No one comments on my blogs, not one comment on one posting.
Mind you, I'm pretty sure no one reads this shit.

So, if you are reading this then please make a comment.
It doesn't have to be a good comment.
It doesn't have to be a nice comment.
Just any old comment.

See, I was right, no one has commented yet.
Just as I thought.

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