Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Wednesday 13th April 2011

Just think, if today was Friday it would be the 13th.
But as it is the 13th, and the 1st was not a Sunday it can't be a Friday.
See previous posts for clarification.

Does anyone know what a 'defibrillator' does?
I always thought that it re-started the heart once it had stopped, but no, that is not the correct answer. I'll tell you the correct answer later, if I remember.

I thought of an old maths puzzle earlier today a I was driving along. It's an oldie, but still a goodun.

Three men (could be women, or a mix of both, it doesn't matter), three people go to a restaurant for a meal. The bill comes to £28 and, as they are going 'dutch' the decide to pay £10 each and let the waiter keep the £2 as a tip.
When the waiter goes to put the money in the till, he realises that he has overcharged them and the bill was really £25, so he gives the three people £1 each back and still retains his £2 tip.
This means that the three people have now paid £9 each (£10 initially less the £1 they have just got back).
Three nines are 27, plus the 2 that was the waiter's tip equals £29.
So where did the other quid go?

Answers on a postcard to the usual address, calls cost 50p a minute, local charges may apply.

Anyhoo, a defibrillator actually stops the heart thus allowing it to re-start itself with a regular beat. It normalizes a person's heartbeat by directing a current of unsynchronized electricity into a person's heart, causing it to stop and restart itself. The shock travels through the body's tissues and into the heart, causing the heart to stop for a short time and then, if the procedure goes as intended, to restart itself with a regular rhythm.

So there you go, every day is a learning day.............

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