Monday, 25 April 2011

Monday 25th April 2011

It has now been over a year.

When I was at Meadowhell on Saturday I saw loads of different stuff 'celebrating' the upcoming royal wedding. I suppose that the people selling the tat are celebrating the event in their own special way. Well, when I say celebrating the event what I really mean is celebrating the fact that the event is taking place which means they can cash in on it an make a few bob.
The thing that made me laugh though was that one shop had all the wedding stuff reduced to half price.
On the Saturday before the big day!
Is this a sign that the marriage will not last, be over before it has really begun?
Who knows?

Liz is on her way to Brizzle tonight for the week, so I am all on me lonesome. Just me a Jess, which means I aint on me lonesome but she's a dog so it doesn't count so I am.
On me lonesome, that is.
I might have a party, to celebrate a whole year of abstinence.
That would be a real swinger of a do, wouldn't it? An alcohol free party. Even at kids parties there is alcohol these days. Not for the kids, obviously, but for the parents. Party bags too. I remember when I was a young kiddywinkle, other kids would take gifts to the party, not expect to receive them once they were there. Still, maybe it's just me getting old. I doubt it.

Cut the grass again today. That was fun. The second time I have done it this year. I wish it would stop growing. I think I once wrote something about self-cutting grass, or maybe it was cannibalistic grass. Grass that ate itself so it never grew too long. If I haven't written any thing about it then I should, it's quite a good idea. But if I have already written about it then there is no point in going over old ground and re-writing it. I should look really, but I can't be arsed. Maybe I should write something about it and then find the original piece and compare the two.


Made a Lemon Meringue Pie today too. That was nice. There is a piece left, I may just have to go and eat it now that I have thought about it.............

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  1. Congratulations on your 1 year booze free. I really must try that myself, really does not do me any good.