Friday, 22 April 2011

Friday 22nd April 2011

If you want to get ahead...

First of many. Bank Holidays, that is. I never used to like Bank Holidays much, it just means that you have to do five days work in four days but it's even worse now, as I don't get paid for them.
And we have so many of the fuckers over the next couple of weeks. Some people have taken three days holiday and they get about 45 weeks off work. Fuckmegently, it's no wonder this country is in the state it is.

And now we have smog. It's gonna kill millions, maybe. It's like Victorian times when everyone used to use coal for everything. They just showed a picture of Manchester on the News, with a layer of smog hanging over it. Couldn't see it meslef.

St Georges Day tomorrow. Was gonna fly a flag but I don't have one. Wonder how many people will celebrate. Thinking about it, I wonder how many people will remember, or even know.

Went to Chatsworth House today, weather was nice and I bought a hat. I like it, it's a bit like a cowboy hat, made out of suedey leather. It's a proper decent one, not a cheap one like you might get in Primark or TK Maxx or somewhere. I don't even know if they sell cowboy type hats in those shops, but you know what I mean. I think I may wear it everywhere, just to get my money's worth.

Bought some carrot cake as well, it is very good. But who would ever have thought of making a cake out of carrots? And thinking about it, who was the first person to make a cake with cheese?
They are both good though.

Do you know who the World's biggest killer is?

It's a bloke called Thomas Midgley Jr, who was an American until his own death in 1944.
Ever heard of him??
Well, he is the bloke that thought it would be a good idea to put lead into petrol, an ingredient that you do not have anymore being as it killed more people than this smog we have currently got will. Getting bored with being the bloke accredited with lead poisoning on a mass scale, he then went on to invent CFCs in aerosol cans.
He was a bit of an inventor, not a very good one in some people's minds, but when he contracted poliomyelitis, which left him severely disabled, he devised an elaborate system of strings and pulleys to help others lift him from his bed. He got entangled in the ropes of this device and died of strangulation.

Saturday tomorrow. Is it a Bank Holiday?
Fuck knows, probaby, everyday seems to be one at the moment.............

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