Sunday, 3 April 2011

Sunday 3rd April 2011

Can't believe it's April already. I can't believe, as well, that it's been a week since I wrote a posting.
I cut my grass today, well I started to. I got the front grass done but then it started to rain so I had to put the mower away. When I saw the rain, I thought that it would be good for the garden, help the grass grow. Then I thought, why the fuck would I want the grass to grow? I've only just cut the bastard stuff. I'm not one of these people who enjoys gardening, so I don't really want the grass to grow back just so I can cut it again. And why do people water their lawns after they have cut the grass. Do they like cutting it? It's like they are taunting the grass, daring it to grow, just so they can cut it again. Grass cutting psychopaths. Make it grow, just to chop it down again.
So after it had started raining, I came in and cut me hair. Notice the cutting theme going on here? Then I had a shower. A shower in the middle of the day, fancy that. Me Dad would probably turn in his grave, if he was dead.
As it had stopped raining, we took the dog out for a walk around Clumber Park. Well not round the whole thing, obviously, as the place is fucking massive, but we had a nice walk. Lots of cyclists. Got back in the car just as it started to rain again.
So I then decided I would make some chilli sauce, cause you can never have enough chilli sauce. Made it with Scotch Bonnet and Bird Eye chillis and it's pretty damn fine, even if I
say so myslef. It's got a bit of a kick, and it tastes real good, what with the pineapple and garlic in it. Who would think that garlic, pineapple and chilli would go so well together?
Then I made a Lasagne, so I've been quite a busy boy, all in all.
Shame I've still got to do the back lawn, but that'll have to wait.

I see Freddie Flintoff has done well since his cricketing retirement. Just seen him on an Asda advert. What a step up from England international cricketer.

I've just been reading 'Talking Nonsense In The UK' a blog by Bad Boy Skoob, and one thing I noticed was the fact that his blog has six followers. SIX!!!
SIX of the fuckers, and one of them is me. And he has only written 14 posts.

Now even if they are good, which they are, and even if they are better than mine, which they invariably are, how come he has SIX FUCKING FOLLOWERS from 14 FUCKING POSTS when I have only the lonely one follower even though I have written 125 posts and had 3325 views????

God I must be shite at this, still gotta keep plugging on, eh.............


  1. Fuck me, just as I edited the above, I got a second follower.

    Thanks Ms Beckert, but sorry, I can't be arsed to go edit again. I'm a lazy shite, me.............

  2. Seaton

    Probably because Skoob breaks every rule in the book.
    But draws a line at silver shoes.