Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sunday 24th April 2011

Happy Easter Everyone.

Whilst I was talking about urinals, I was in a service station today, went to the loo [as you do] and happen to notice that the stones were 'waterless'.
I did wonder how they were cleaned. Then, next to the hand-driers, I noticed a set of instructions on how to clean the 'waterless' urinals. It turns out that you splash a little cleaning liquid around and then rinse with three gallons of water. I think it was gallons, it may have been litres I don't really remember, but it was still water.
So the big question is: How the fuck can they be waterless when [fuck it, never mind].
The bigger question is; are they very hygienic? I mean, if you only use water a couple of times a day, won't they get a bit skanky? And stinky.

I see it was the last Old Firm clash of this season today. What are they gonna do now? They have only played each other seven times this season.

Easter is a very religious time. It's the time when Jesus was betrayed by Judas and crucified on the cross [where else??]. He had a crown of thorns forced on his head and was stabbed a few times with a spear, I think. He then rose again on the third day [Easter Monday].
You would think though, as the time is so important then they would do it on the same date every year. I mean, if it really happened then someone, somewhere must remember what day it was on. My brother was born on a Good Friday, a long time ago mind, but it was Good Friday all the same. And his birthday is on 24th March. This year, it was 23rd April. Good Friday, that is, not my brother's birthday. If they know when he was born [and that's on the same day every year] then why not Easter?
I bit of a flaw, methinks.

My big fat royal gypsy wedding is on Thursday, that should be good for a laugh interesting.

I've got a bit of toothache, but it's OK cause I have taken some Amitriptyline. This does, however make me drowsy, so if I nod off, then please forggggggiiiiiiiiivdwhpvbefqfdcjbqcvbj

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