Monday, 11 April 2011

Monday 11th April 2011

What a thing.

I saw on t'interweb yesterday that Peter Crouch was marrying his girlfriend, Abbey Clancy, in June of this year, so I wrote a blog about it and said that the wedding was planned for June 31st.
Now, for the less observant of you, there is no June 31st, it simply doesn't exist, which was the main bit of the spoof. The second bit was the 'quote' from Peter himself who 'said' that he wanted to get married on June 31st as it was a very prolific date for him, when many prolific things had happened. This was taken from an interview I once heard with Geri Halliwell who kept saying 'prolific' when she really meant 'profound'.
Anyhoo, I saw on t'interweb today that a lot of gossip t'interweb sites, such as,,, and as well as the online versions of the Mail and the Mirror were all stating that the big day had been planned for the 31st June.

Oh how I laughed.

The story I wrote is one this blog, it was the last post I posted, if you are interested and can be arsed to look.

Not a lot else happened today, and as you know I never make anything up in my diaries. Well you may not know that but you do now. So now you know.

Going to Crockenhill on Wednesday. Crockenhill, all I know is that it is in Kent. Not sure whereabouts but Kent is the 'Garden of England' I suppose. Gardens are OK, as long Idon't have to do the gardening. I can't stand gardening. It doesn't help that I am allergic to grass. If I want to stop itching I have to wear a morph suit. Just picture it, a blazing hot day, the sun high in the sky, not a breeze or a cloud and me in the garden, running around with a lawnmower dressed only in a bright blue morph suit. Got to be careful of the brambles though, wouldn't want to snag anything. Don't think I will wear it on Wednesday, probably wouldn't be the done thing.

I might write a spoof about the sub-editors of newspapers being totally stupid and not knowing how many days there are in the month.............

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  1. I was one of the ones who fell for that, thought the spoof was great but did not click with the date, there is another word I could have used instead of click but I can not remember what it is and i have a small vocabulary. Crockenhill is only a hop skip and a jump from my neck of the woods. I would invite you round for lunch but I will be out. :-) your stalker, this nice one not the evil one.