Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Tuesday 1st March 2011

I've got paint on me jeans.

Fuck the football, it's all bollocks. I had a four-fold accumulator on Man U to beat Chavski, Nottingham Forest to beat Middlesborough, Everton to beat Reading and Colchester to beat Bristol Rovers. It was only Rovers that didn't let me down, good old Rovers, the Mighty Gas. They may be shit, but at least they are consistently shit. Fuck me, I was going to put Reading down to boost my odds, but I thought I would stick with Everton as they were the safer bet. Obviously fucking not.
Also had Torres down to score. At any time. AT ANY TIME TORRES YOU FREAKING WASTE OF SPACE
Apparently Abramovich phoned Daglish only to be told that refunds could not be given for goods sold in the January sales. What a waste of money.

Wednesday tomorrow. Hump day.

Got another coat of paint on the office walls tonight. Should do the trick, then it's just the gloss. Gawd, I'd forgotten how much I hate bastard painting. Got paint all over the floor. Luckily it's laminate so it should come off quite easily. I had a friend once who painted their bedroom and rather than tip the painty water down the plughole and risk blocking it up they thought they would throw it out of the window. Trouble was, they forgot they had a glass roofed conservatory right below the bathroom window.
Another friend decided to decorate his room whilst his parents were away on holiday. He stepped on the gloss paint lid and then trod it in the carpet all along the hall, down the stairs, through the kitchen and to the back door. Thick twat didn't think to hop did he??

Saw a paint kettle in B&Q the other day. Would be much better in a slow cooker I reckon. Would get a better texture. I wonder how long you have to leave it to cool down before you can apply it.

Talking about slow cookers, further to my previous posts about slow cooked recipes, I have thought of another one.
I bought some duck eggs at the weekend and it got me thinking.
If I use my specially adapted super-slow-cook slow cooker, the one that I use for perpetual roast chicken, I could place a freshly laid duck egg in there with an orange pip or two. Cook for a few months, transferring to the washing machine (which is constantly in constant use) at an appropriate time to achieve the required mixing, and have the perfect fresh super slow-cooked Duck a l'Orange.

I would have to modify another slow cooker though, as the Perpetual Roast Chicken is still going.

Oh, and by the way, if you haven't read my posts about the slow cooking recipes then SHAME ON YOU.
Get yer arse over there now and read the fecking things. And no, I don't know which day wrote them on, you'll just have to read them all.............

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