Monday, 14 March 2011

Monday 14th March 2011

The first day of the rest of my life.

Manic Monday, (Tell Me Why) I Don't Like Mondays and many others (I would imagine) have been written about Mondays and usually I would agree with them. But not today. Today I have had a good day. But I won't bang on about it. I'll not bore you with me crowing on about how today was the first proper day of my new business. The first day I have actually worked a full day as Ambient Precast Ltd. I won't bore you with all that because it would probably bore you.

Whilst walking the beautiful Jess this evening I noticed that there were quite a few children playing in the park. Eric Idle wasn't there, the lazy git, but Jess was very interested in their cheap footballs. I'm glad that the kids around here have cheap footballs as that way if Jezebel eats wrecks any of them, as is usually her wont, then it won't cost very much to replace them. Not unless she goes on a marathon cheap football wrecking spree, then it will all add up and may very well get on top of me. Especially if I fall over.

Eric Idle was here once. Well not here, in my house, but here in the village. He was here to open the 'new and improved' local park. Trouble was, it started to rain and most people forgot to turn up. Good old Eric though, he started to sing his song, you know the one he is famous for, but gave up after the first three lines as he was getting drowned out by the pack of rabid looking howling dogs that surrounded him. He almost got drowned by the raging ravine that runs alongside the woods when he stumbled when running for the last (and only) bus home. Good old Eric, what have the Romans ever done for us eh?

It could be a good end to the day too. Norwich are winning 1-0. Not that I'm a Norwich fan or owt, but they are playing Bristol Sh!tty.

Nuff said.............

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