Sunday, 27 March 2011

Sunday 27th March 2011

Lime Green Socks.

Had a great weekend this weekend, went to Somerset, saw my daughters and took them
to Blaise Castle on Saturday.
Weather was good and we all had a good time. Meself and daughter #1 had burgers and chips for lunch, daughter #2 had chicken nuggets and chips (in a box). Not sure if it was the box, but daughter #2's chips were nicer than ours. They kept hotter, which was probably the box, but they were also crispier too. If that was the box then the box makers should patent it. Well they probably have, but not for chip crispiness. I wonder what they do patent it for? We couldn't find the Giant's Footprint, however we did see a photograph of a big pair of boots which was pinned half way up a tall tree. We thought this could be a bit of a clue, but we couldn't work it out.
The actual Castle was shut too, which was a bit of a bummer.

Anyhoo, picked up my Infinity Sauce on Friday afternoon. Didn't open it till I got to Somerset and then thought it was a bit late to start tasting chilli. So I only had a little bit. My first thoughts were, when I first took the cap off and smelled it, was that the overpowering smell was that of vinegar. Now I'm not a big fan of vinegar, in fact I really don't like it. I would go as far as to say that I hate it, but that may be a little harsh. Then I read the ingredients. "Vinegar, Lime Juice and Infinity Chilli". My heart sank a little as I thought it was going to be a hot vinegar sauce, but as I had just purchased two bottles of the stuff, the least I could do was to taste it.

'But it's too late' I told myself, it being half past ten on a Friday night and I had worked all day and then driven 250 miles.
So I tasted a little spoonful. I always start with a little spoonful as you can always have more, but it's very difficult to have less once it's gone in (ask Neal Phillipson, he knows).
Thankfully the taste is a lot better than the smell. it didn't seem too hot, considering that it is made with the one-time World's hottest chilli, but then I suppose that's because it diesn't have any extract in it. Well I presume it doesn't, as there is no mention of it on the label and it says it is 'pure'.
It has a nice taste, where the vinegar smell overpowers the chilli smell, the chilli flavour definitely takes precedence over the vinegar. I still haven't had a proper, full sized sweat my head off taster yet, I'll save that until tomorrow evening, but I have had it mixed with HP sauce that I had with my fry-up this morning, and that was pretty damn good, and I have just had some mixed in with a bit of Branston Pickle in a cheese sandwich, and that was fucking fantastic.
It has great favour and it has great heat. Not way too much heat, like some of the crazy ones like Ultra Death of 357 Silver Edition, but great heat and flavour balance like Pure Ghost and Pure Death.
I think this sauce is going to join my favourites list, I just need to marinade some prawns for the ultimate Seaton test.

Next stop is gonna be the Firemite sauce (chilli Marmite) and the Chilli Cheeseballs. They have great stuff on the website, see the link on the right of the page, up at the top. Right up there under the title.

Checked me mums Spy Camera in the birdbox today, the little bastards haven't bothered to build a nest in there yet. Bet they nest in every other fucking box except the one I put the freaking camera in.

I bought some lary socks the other day. A pack of five. They got eyes on them and are orange, green, pink, yellow and blue.
Satirical inelegance my Dad called them, I like that description.............

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