Monday, 21 March 2011

Monday 21st March 2011

Ever wondered how some people manage to stay alive?

I had to go to a Land Rover garage today and fuck me they have a few quids worth of stock in there. There was a very nice Overfinch Range Rover Sport, in black, that had my name written all over it.
Well, when I say it had my name written all over it, it didn't of course as that would look silly. And a tad pretentious. However, if it DID have my name all over it then the showroom may have let my have it at a reduced rate. Cause who else would want it? Except someone else with the same name as me, the mayor of Seaton Carew, someone like that maybe. I saw a bloke drop off his Range Rover and his courtesy car was an '11' plate 3.7l V6 Discovery. I used to get a Vauxhall Agila when I took my old car in for a service. Normally a bright red Vauxhall Agila that made me look like freaking Postman freaking Pat. Bit of a difference eh?

Do you know anyone who is very clever, very good at what they do, but has absolutely no common sense and is a bit fucking stupid?
I do, I know several. I have just met one recently and am now having to deal with him on a daily basis.

I've just been on the Range Rover website and 'built' my own Range Rover. An Autobiography. Cost me a cool £99,850. Not bad. I can't decide on the colour, blue or black. I'll probably buy two.

Having to do stuff over and over again, because the stupid clever person with no sense can't make up his mind, or doesn't know how to.

Anyhoo, that's it, rant over.

Tomorrow I pick up my new car. My real one. The one that I got after getting the first one. The first one being the one I was going to get and paid a deposit on and then decided not to get. Oh well, I made the right choice.

Plenty more to do tomorrow.............


  1. I am just stupid. Just discovered today by reading the newspaper that Seaton Carew is a place in Hartlepool or something like that. Me just being stupid thought it was a name you had made up for your writting. I need to go back to school I think.

  2. Dear Anonymous,
    Don't beat yourself up over it. The place, which is very near Hartlepool, was named after me.
    The most famous resident in recent years was that bloke who faked his own death by canoeing into the sunset.
    That's how famous he is, I can't even remember his name, John something I think it is.............