Sunday, 6 March 2011

Sunday 6th March 2011

One more week.

Cleaned my car today. Inside and out. Well, as usual, I'm lying about the outside, I didn't do it, the nice Lithuanians or Poles or whatever they are down at Spongebobs did it. There was a bit of a queue today, must have been the sun. Anyhoo, I did the inside. Hoovered it and everything. Washed the dashboard, cleaned the upholstery, the lot. I wouldn't say it was in 'showroom condition' but it's cleaner than it has been for a long while. Only took me about four hours too. Didn't get all the dog hairs out of the boot, but you can't have everything.
Cleaning the inside of my car is good for my health too. Not only did it give me some exercise, but I won't want to smoke in it for the rest of the week just in case I make a mess in it before I give it back on Friday.
Hopefully, I'll get my new car this week. If I don't then I'm pretty fucked. I also need to get a laptop. I have one on order, but I don't think it has fallen off the back of the lorry yet so I may not get it in time. That'll be a bit of a fucker, no car and no laptop. Not only will I not be able to drive anywhere to work but I'll not be able to do any work when I don't get there.

Making pizza for dinner. Not going to be a stupid one though, I have to be in Belper tomorrow and have an all day meeting so lots of chilli sauce tonight aint a very bright idea. Not had pizza in a long while, not since the last time, suprisingly, and that wasn't pretty.

Man Utd got beat by the scousers today, that was a bit shit. Not a big fan of Man U but I'm not an even bigger fan of the scousers, if you know what I mean. I was quite surprised by my next door neighbour though, he's a massive Man U fan, even named his son after one of the players. Got four dogs, all got Man U related names. Man U tattoos all over too. Didn't hear him throwing stuff around the house or shouting in disgust this afternoon. Bet he's none too happy though, scousers and chavski in the same week, not such happy days for some.

Right, off to make the pizza. If you know where I can get a cheap laptop, let me know. I aint bothered if it's knock off, just as long as it's new, decent and works.............

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