Friday, 4 March 2011

Friday 4th March 2011

I've not really got much to write about today but I thought I'd better otherwise I'll get out of the habit.

I now have a week left at work, plus tomorrow as I am working in the morning. Feel sorry for me cause I deserve it.

Another reason for not having too much to write about is the fact that I have just written the latest addition in my series of cookery books. You can read it in the previous post, just follow the link and don't forget to rate it. The thingies are just down the bottom, and you don't need to register to rate.

Got to clean my car out this weekend too. It goes back on Friday and it has three years of child rubbish and dog hairs, not to mention the tobacco and ash and general litter that is in there. Not done too bad though, in the last three years, 122,000 miles, eight sets of tyres, three headlamp bulb changes (you would think they would both go at the same time wouldn't you, they are used the same), four replacement gaskets and fuck knows how much petrol.
Still, time to move on. Still not winding down. Oh well.

Just watching 'Shameless', it's crap.............

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