Friday, 18 March 2011

Friday 18th March 2011

It's Comic Relief tonight.

I've done OK this week, all things considered. I heard something on the radio the other day that got me wondering. Who would win between a Hippo and a Rhino?
Rio Ferdinand is an ugly fuckpig. Keira Knightly isn't.

I reckon it would be the Hippo, but then again I thought the lion would win against a Tiger, and I still do.
The Smithy sketch is great.
All the money is on the Tiger, but I think they are just a breed of drug pushers who dope the Lions up before the attack them.

I've not written much recently. Ironic really, because the reason I've not written is that I have been doing too much. You would have thought that if I was doing lots of stuff then I would have lots of stuff to write about. But I've not. I've been doing lots of stuff and not writing.

I'm off for a tab.

Anyhoo, I'm back. Liz bought some cakes from someone who works where she works. Not herself, someone else. They were to raise money for Comic Relief and they were little chocolate cakes with fake cherries on the top. A bit like nipples. She bought them with her hard earned wages and I'm eating one now. So I feel like I'm doing my bit for charity.

Ironic really, selling cakes to raise money for starving children. Why not just send them over there to them. Save all the third party trading. 03457910910

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