Saturday, 19 March 2011

Saturday 19th March

I was in Frankie & Benny's at lunchtime today, enjoying a very nice Californian pizza when a family of four came in. Bit strange they were. The two kids were ok, but the mum and dad, and I'm only guessing that they were the mum and dad, were freaky. They were the spitting image of each other. They could have been fucking twins, and they probably were. They looked the same, had the same haircut, even had the same style of glasses.
Now, either they were brother and sister or they were attracted to each other because they looked liked themselves. Either way, it's a bit freaking freaky.

I am writing this on my phone and I have just found out that it doesn't automatically appear on my computer for editing. Thought it would somehow. I'll have to post and see if I can edit once it's published.............

That's pretty cool. The post above was written and published from my phone and now I am writing on my laptop.

I was going to make some chilli sauce today, but I forgot to buy any chillis.
That's a bit of minor setback. There is a couple in Grantham, the Woods, who grow the current (I think) hottest chilli in the world. The Infinity chilli. There's Nick (Woody), there on the left, or above, depending on where this writing ends up. Nice couple, not that I know them, but I emailed them and they replied and seemed nice. Their company, Firefoods ( sell Infinity chilli sauce as well as other good looking stuff. Don't think they sell the actual chilis though, which is a shame. I am going to finish this blog and then order some cause I just have to get some. I tell you what, I'll order some, try it and then post a review at a later date.

Good news, my 16 million scoville capsaicin crystals were delivered today. I must take a photo.
Now the big question is, do I just keep then as a showpiece or do I try them out?
Problem is, they have to be dissolved in a spirit based drink, like vodka. Now I love vodka, but I don't drink anymore so it could be a bit of a problem. Unless I convince myself that it is just an ingredient in a cooking experiment, or a scientific experiment.

16 million scovilles, that's spicy baby. If I try it, it may cause me unrepairable harm.
I'm trying to convince myslef that I don't know what I am going to do, but I think I do.

I have just had a horrible thought.

It's Saturday night, I am all on my lonesome and what am I doing?
Writing a fucking blog to no one in particular.

I really must get out more and make some friends. Some real ones.

Life's great, aint it.............

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